C Design: the new line of profiles resulting from a partnership between Profilpas and Swarovski®


Profiles with Swarovski® from the line C Design

C Design is a new range of profiles embellished with a refined detail: we are talking about new profiles with Swarovski® crystals, one of the latest novelties from the house of Profilpas!

Profilpas studied carefully how to make a profile already of high quality even more elegant, to meet the needs of environments requiring very special details. Through various tests and trials, Profilpas has managed to use a new technology that uses welding of the adhesive thermoplastic of each single Swarovski® crystal for adhesion with the brass profile. This is done thanks to machinery designed and engineered specifically for this activity and ordered to measure by Profilpas.

The operation of heat sealing has been improved through a number of studies and projects that make it possible to melt the thermal adhesive that is behind the crystal Swarovski® at 180° to add it to the profile in brass. After cooling the profile, the advantage that is derived from this processing stage is a permanent and durable bond between the crystal and the metal.

Profilpas has thus created a symbiosis of two materials that together give life to a high-class product, which is distinguished from the common profiles created with double-sided adhesive and sold on the market.

The birth of this innovative product has also been reported on the blog of Swarovski® CrystalsRead the post here!

These luminous points of light are now used in the worlds of fashion, jewelry and accessories, but can also be used in other contexts. It is for this reason that Profilpas decided to beautify its products using the brightness of the crystals, thereby creating this innovative line of profiles with Swarovski® crystals, of great aesthetic value, but also functional.

The C Design range was presented last September at the Cersaie Bologna, the International Exhibition of Ceramics for Architecture and Bathroom Furnishings. During this major exhibition, the industry leader, Profilpas presented the entire line Profilpas Design, a full range of profiles, mouldings and baseboards, whose key feature is the focus on the latest trends in interior design.

Profiles with Swarovski - C Design

Profiles with Swarovski® also in the golden version

The line Profilpas Design is also part of the series C Design of profiles with Swarovski® crystals, an innovative and sophisticated range that is perfect for environments of great elegance. Thanks to the combination of the profile of chromed brass and crystal, these profiles give great brightness to the environment where they are used and are perfect for any room in the house, from the bedroom to the kitchen to the bathroom.

And even more valuable is the new finishing of the C Design profiles in golden brass obtained by a 24k gold bath!

Profiles with Swarovski - C Design Golden Version

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