Profilpas profiles with antibacterial technology

Antibacterial coating: why choosing Profilpas profiles

The protection against bacteria is an aspect that is part of our daily life and that is more and more required. Indeed, everything around us is more or less contaminated by microorganisms that cannot be removed with standard hygienic measures or disinfectants. Therefore, the bacteriostatic coating is a very efficient and extremely useful solution to avoid the presence of this kind of contaminant microorganisms, such as bacteria, molds, fungi and yeasts.

The bacteriostatic coating is a substance composed of silver ions encapsulated in ceramic nano-particles. The silver with its features prevents from the bacteria proliferation: indeed, the humidity that is on the surface causes a slow and continuous release of silver ions that keep the surface constantly sanitized.

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Profilpas has chosen this technology for five profiles that require a particular hygiene: the external corners profiles Protrim RVH/, Proangle ZVH/ and Proangle Q ZQVNH/, the internal corners profiles Proround BLAH/ and the bathroom profiles Sanibord BH/, all available in white RAL 9003 coated antibacterial aluminium. The protection against bacteria is really important both for external and internal corners and these profiles guarantee it. Indeed, the antibacterial coating applied is certified in compliance with the internationally recognized laboratory test JIS Z 2801:2000: this test consists in the antibacterial coating exposure to a colony of microorganisms. The reduction of bacteria must reach 97% (99% for the most dangerous ones) to pass this test.

Antibacterial coating - Proround BLAH

Proround BLAH in white RAL 9003 coated antibacterial aluminium

Profilpas profiles with the antibacterial technology are suitable for public places such as hospitals and schools and, similarly, for private spaces. However, for the application in places such as hospitals in areas where a sterilized surface is needed, you should remember that this kind of coating does not replace the use of disinfectants.

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