Profiles for kindergartens

Profiles for kindergartens: safety comes first

Safety is an important aspect in all buildings, especially in public ones. Hitting against the corner of a cabinet, a bookcase or a wall happens to everyone. Experiencing these small accidents to the detriment of the hips and head is not uncommon: however, it is even more risky if they are suffered by children. Therefore, precautions are essential especially in schools: a solutions is to protect the edges of the walls with profiles for kindergartens designed by Profilpas, efficient and, at the same time, high-quality products.

These elements are essential in order to create a safe environment. Indeed, toddlers chase, pull and push each other when they play together: therefore, the risk of falling and hitting the edges is high, with possible consequences for the physical safety of children. More specifically, the first thing to do for installing the profiles for kindergartens correctly is to check every room of the school and to verify the exact number of existing edges and, in particular, those positioned at person level, head level and hips level, so that you can have a more precise idea of what are the most dangerous places. After that, you need to focus on models with high standards and that are clearly visible and durable, such as the ones designed by Profilpas.

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Profiles for kindergartens in soft PVC with bright colours: this is the exclusive Procorner P by Profilpas

Profiles for Kindergartens

IP/40 in soft PVC

An excellent solution for guaranteeing a high quality is Procorner P by Profilpas. This is an edge profile that has been specifically designed for accidents prevention: it is generally recommended for particular places such as schools, offices and public spaces. This model is in soft PVC and it is available in bright colours: not only does this guarantee a good aesthetic appearance, but it also allows to highlight the edges of the wall by making them more visible.

Profilpas also offers PVC Line 8610 and 8611, two profiles in foam PVC that are shocks resistant. These profiles are also particularly suitable for kindergartens: indeed, they are available in blue, yellow, red and green.

With Profilpas the safety of young students is guaranteed and the accident prevention effect is mixed with an enjoyable design, thus creating a safe and beautiful environment at the same time.

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