Profiles and systems for bathrooms

Systems for bathrooms: which are they?

The bathroom is one of the rooms to which Profilpas has always paid serious attention. Indeed, it is a domestic space that requires a special attention especially for the technical and planning aspect, in order to meet both functional and design needs. Profiles for bathroom are just a part of the solutions offered by Profilpas for this domestic place.

The category of systems for bathrooms proposed by Profilpas includes different products: the waterproof membrane WPSTOP for the waterproofing of floors and ceramic coverings of the bathroom. This products is available in different measures and variations in order to satisfy every need for use.

Systems for Bathrooms - Waterproof Membrane WPSTOP


Two of the most innovative systems for bathrooms offered by Profilpas are Slim Drain and Smart Drain, two models of shower drains flush with the floor to be laid in bathrooms with ceramic or natural stone coverings. In line with the most recent trends of interior design, these products have the advantage to tackle the visual and physical barriers and to give a new aspect to the most intimate room of the house. The laying of Slim Drain and Smart Drain is still more rapid with the shaped bases Slim/BD01 and Smart/BD01, while the implementation of a sloping laying level is facilitated by our panels Slim/P and Smart/P.

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Systems for Bathrooms - Shower Drains Flush Slim Drain

Slim Drain

Profilpas profiles for bathrooms

The systems for bathrooms also include items for the shower box: Glass Profile is a line of bathroom profiles that has been created to solve the laying matter of sloping floors and that includes different models designed to face specific needs.

GPS1/ /19 and GPS7/ /19 are ideal for the sloping surfaces of floor-level showers, thanks to their shape that is suitable for the insertion of glass separation walls and thanks to the internal side with a 2% slope. GPS2/19 and GPS14/12 are the equivalent profiles for the insertion of separation glass walls on the walls covering.

GPS3/ and GPS8/ are perfect to give an aesthetic touch to the sides of the sloping level, while GPS4/ is ideal to solve the problem of slope with connection between floor and covering. Lastly, GPS5/ aesthetically completes the perimeter of the floor-level shower when the profiles with the sloping external side are used.

GU/ and TGU/ models in anodised aluminium are used for the insertion of separation glass walls to floors and walls.

GPS1/ /19 and GPS3/ are not available for Austria, Germany and Switzerland.

Profiles for Bathrooms - Glass Profile GPS5

Glass Profile – GPS5/

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The profiles for bathrooms proposed by Profilpas also include pvc items that are particularly suitable for the laying of bath tubs and shower boxes. Not only do they perfectly integrate to the structure, but they also are functional and aesthetically beautiful.

Sanibord is a line of technical profiles in antibacterial colour-coated aluminium and PVC that are particularly suitable for the connection between ceramic coverings and bathroom fixtures or coverings and worktops. These special profiles allow to avoid the use of silicone for sealing. This feature, besides the aesthetic advantage, also guarantees a high hygienic level over time.

Profiles for Bathrooms - Sanibord


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