Proangle Q, the universal profile in all its facets

Proangle Q: the line of profiles for external corners by Profilpas

Cerfix® Proangle Q is a line of profiles for external corners which is considered “universal” for its versatility and its capacity to adapt to the different needs. Indeed, Proangle Q, thanks to its square shape, is recommended not only to edge and protect the external corners of tile coverings, but also to edge and protect floors and steps of various materials, to finish worktops and platforms and to connect floors of the same height. The square shape hides the unaesthetic and fragile cut at 45° of tiles perfectly, thus defining the laying of the coverings in a clear and uniform way. Moreover, Proangle Q can adapt to any kind of tile thanks to the different available heights that go from 4,5 mm – typical of the low thicknesses – to 15 mm. Lastly, there are special accessories for a better finishing of the inside corners, outside corners and end caps.

All the materials and finishes of Proangle Q

Proangle Q is available in aluminium and in a wide selection of finishes: silver anodised, titanium anodised, bright polished silver, bright polished gold, bright polished titanium, bright polished copper, bright satin silver, bright satin gold, bright satin titanium, bright satin copper, bright satin smoked,  bright scratched silver, matt white RAL 9003 and polished with RAL 9003 colour-coated. Moreover, from this year, it is available in antibacterial colour-coated aluminium which is certified according to the international test JIS Z 2801:2000 and which allows to reduce the presence of the most dangerous bacteria until 99%.

Proangle Q ZQAN/, ZQBRSN/ and ZQAGN/

from the left to the right: Proangle Q ZQAN/ in silver anodised aluminium, ZQBRSN/ in bright satin copper aluminium, ZQAGN/ in bright scratched silver aluminium

Proangle Q is also available in stainless steel AISI 304 DIN 1.4301 in polished, satin and sandblasted finish and in stainless steel AISI 316 DIN 1.4404. The latter is characterized by a greater resistance to corrosion and, therefore, it is recommended in places exposed to chemical stresses (swimming pools and food industries) and sea areas.

Proangle Q ZQIN/ and ZQINP/

from the left to the right: Proangle Q ZQIN/ in polished stainless steel AISI 304 and ZQINP/ in sandblasted stainless steel AISI 304

In addition to these materials, this profile is also available in polished and chromium-plated brass and in coextruded PVC in different colours, such as white, cream white RAL 9001, ivory RAL 1015, beige grey RAL 1019, stone grey RAL 7030, light grey RAL 7035, anthracite, pastel blue, beige bahama and brown.

Proangle Q ZQLN/

Proangle Q ZQLN/ in polished brass

Proangle Q ZQP/

from the left to the right: Proangle Q ZQP/ in white coextruded PVC and beige bahama coextruded PVC

Profilpas Design: special finishes for Proangle Q

Proangle Q can also be found in Profilpas Design, the line of profiles and skirting boards characterized by refined and stylish finishes and dedicated to the world of design and architecture:

  • Proangle Q S Design in chromium-plated stainless steel is available in exclusive finishes, such as mirror, nickel, black nickel, copper bronze and brass bronze.
  • Proangle Q X Design in anodised aluminium is available in platinum, titanium, brown, dark brown and carbon finishes.
Proangle Q S Design and Proangle Q X Design

to the left: Proangle Q S Design copper bronze, brass bronze, black nickel, mirror, nickel; to the right: Proangle Q X Design carbon, dark brown, brown, titanium, platinum

  • Proangle Q Omega Design is available in platinum anodised aluminium and is characterized by different geometric shapes in relief.
Proangle Q Omega Design ZQACD/, ZQADD/ and ZQAMD/

Proangle Q Omega Design ZQACD/, ZQADD/ and ZQAMD/ in platinum anodised aluminium

  • Proangle Q Trend Color Stone is available in colour-coated aluminium in the brand-new finishes inspired by the world of nature and stone: black ST, dark brown, anthracite grey, ancient grey, grey, rust, bronze, stone, greige, sand, beige e white ST.
Proangle Q Trend Color Stone ZQVN/

Proangle Q Trend Color Stone ZQVN/ in white ST, beige, sand, greige, stone, bronze, rust, grey, ancient grey, anthracite grey, dark brown, black ST

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