Raised floors: outdoor solutions

A functional choice for well-finished outdoor spaces

As is known, the floor of terraces, patios and pool sides is affected by atmospheric agents. For this reason, the solutions to be chosen must be not only aesthetically excellent, but also functional and long-lasting. In this case, the best solution is the raised floor, whether it is a new construction or a renovation where there is no possibility or no intention to remove the preexisting floor.

Indeed, the raised floor system is increasingly used – also for outdoor spaces -, thanks to outdoor raised floor supports that facilitate the installation of the tiles.

Raised Floors: Outdoor Solutions | Profilpas

A surface with many features

This solution has many advantages. Indeed, thanks to the use of these specific outdoor raised floor supports, the tiles can be removed and repositioned easily, without demolitions, thus facilitating possible maintenance works to the underlying waterproofing. The use of raised floors has another great advantage: the gap between the floor and the waterproofing layer guarantees the ventilation and, consequently, a better thermal insulation. Lastly, the same gap also allows to inspect tubes and systems, thus making the outdoor space more functional.

From stoneware to decking

Raised Floors: Outdoor Solutions | Profilpas

The porcelain stoneware tiles are often the most appreciated by those who want to install a raised floor, thanks to their aesthetic and technical characteristics. This material is suitable to be processed in many ways and is particularly resistant to chemical and atmospheric agents. However,  the raised floors are also available in other materials, according to the different needs. Indeed, there is the possibility to choose between single- and multi-format ceramic tiles, marble, granite or decking.

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PP Level DUO supports by Profilpas

Raised Floors: Outdoor Solutions | Profilpas

PP Level DUO

There is the need to make the right choices during the installation to guarantee the performance of the floating tiles. Profilpas has designed PP Level DUO, a line of outdoor raised floor supports. This system allows to choose between fixed or self-levelling head, directly during the installation, thanks to the converter Perfect Ring.

With just 5 supports PP Level DUO, there is the possibility to raise the floor from 25 to 280 mm. Moreover, thanks to the extension element, there is the possibility to reach higher heights. PP Level DUO is a complete and versatile system as it is possible to choose between different heads for ceramic and decking or the double joist system, to facilitate the installation of single-format and multi-format ceramic tiles.

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