New hygienic connection profile Proint PIN/

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The current standards of hygienic maintenance explicitly require the elimination of sharp corners on the surfaces of hospitals and in the food and chemical industry. In other words, floors and coverings must be connected together with a curved shape in order to avoid the deposit of dirt and, therefore, possible sources of bacteria that are scarcely removable with the simple daily cleaning.

For the connection between the floor and the covering, Profilpas offers a full range of hygienic connection profile, both for floors and covering already laid and for those to be laid, in different materials that goes from aluminium to stainless steel and PVC and in different finishes.

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From this year, Profilpas has introduced a new product: the hygienic connection profile Proint PIN/ in polished stainless steel AISI 304 – DIN 1.4301 (see the image above). Available in heights of 10 and 12,5 mm, this profile is suitable for the perimetral connection during the laying of the floor and the covering or as perimetral movement joint. As Proint PIA/ in aluminium and PI/ in PVC, PIN/ allows to avoid the use of silicone for the sealing and, in addition to the aesthetic benefit, it guarantees the maintenance of a high hygienic level over time. Moreover, the special section of Proint well facilitates the angular junction between the floor and the covering, thus guaranteeing the angular expansion between the two surfaces.

News on Hygienic Connection Profiles - Connection Profile PIN

Connection profile PIN/

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