New proposals for Metal Line 90 and 790 skirting boards

We, Profilpas team, believe that the attention to detail is essential in order to guarantee the originality and the exclusivity of a space, and Metal Line skirting boards are the clear proof of this ideal. Inspired by contemporary design, these skirting boards make the space where they are installed elegant and modern, whatever the shape and finish.
It is precisely for this attention to detail that Profilpas has renovated the range of Metal Line 90 and 790 by making available new metal accessories. Inside corners, outside corners, junctions and end caps are now available not only in polypropylene but also in metal (for every height and finish) for adding value to the same skirting board that, in this way, acquires a more refined aesthetic appearance.

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News on Metal Line Skirting Boards Metal Accessories in Silver Finish

Metal accessories in silver finish

Moreover, as regards Metal Line 790, Profilpas has designed a new section by following the minimalist trends of design. Indeed, now, the Metal Line 790 skirting board in stainless steel is characterized by the same curves and elegance as the Metal Line 90 skirting board in aluminium.

News on Metal Line Skirting Boards - Metal Line 790

Metal Line 790 skirting board in polished stainless steel with metal accessories + new section

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