Domotex 2016 in Hannover ended: the news presented by Profilpas


Profilpas at Domotex 2016 in Hannover

The international exhibition dedicated to the world of floors, coverings, carpets, products and technologies for the treatment of surfaces, Domotex, in Hannover, Germany, ended on January 19th. Every year, this exhibition welcomes a more and more increasing number of visitors and exhibitors, thus demonstrating how much this sector is dynamic and evolutionary.

Profilpas has actively taken part to this exhibition, showing its ability to get in line with the new market trends and with the deriving needs. LED-light profiles Prolight are worth to be cited as they have had a great success thanks to the aesthetic effect created by the light lines that make them design and innovative products. However, the real Profilpas news of this edition 2016 are the products for LVT floors that has also had a big success between visitors and that are already subject of many requests.

Profilpas at Domotex 2016
The Profilpas news at Domotex 2016: the profiles for LVT floors

News at Domotex 2016

LVT (acronym for Luxury Vinyl Tile) is significantly spreading through the market, thus occupying the market shares of laminated floors. Domotex has exactly highlighted this trend change and the success of LVT manufacturers, a floor that is functional and, at the same time, a real design element.

In line with this new trend, Profilpas has presented a full range of profiles for LVT floors, a set of professional systems and solutions in anodised aluminium offered in many finishes Alcrom® Plus and customizable thanks to PDS (Profilpas Digital System) technology.

The full range of profiles for LVT floors

Profix Thin is included in this range: it is our new system for the laying of LVT floating floors from 4 to 6 mm that consists of junction profiles for floors of same height, connection profiles for floors of different height and sealing profiles to define the perimeter.

Profiles for LVT Floors - Profix Thin S4 Z4 C4

Profix Thin S4 Z4 C4

Alfix 46 is another professional system for the laying of LVT floors from 4 to 6 mm: it is characterized by top profiles in anodised aluminium that are fixed with a screw system at a base in natural aluminium. As Profix Thin, this system includes junction, connection and sealing profiles.

The range of profiles for floating or glued LVT also includes many other items, such as the expansion joints Cerfix Projoint, the connection profiles for different heights Cerfix Pronivel, the stair nosing profiles Prostep and Protect, the profiles for the sealing of floors and the finishing of stairs Cerfix Protrim and Proangle, the connection profiles for stairs Cerfix Proround, and, lastly, the skirting board PVC Line 8605 in foam PVC.

Cerfix Projoint NZA/5A and Cerfix Pronivel PBA/5A

Expansion joint Cerfix Projoint NZA/5A and connection profile for different heights Cerfix Pronivel PBA/5A

Cerfix Prostep G/705/F and Cerfix Proround GA/4

Stair nosing profile Cerfix Prostep G/705/F and connection profile for stairs Cerfix Proround GA/4

Furthermore, Profilpas, thanks to the technological digital printing system PDS, gives the possibility to lay profiles and skirting boards that are identical to the floor: 70 standard wood decors and 8 standard stone/concrete decors are available on catalogue. Moreover, on demand and with a minimum order quantity, there is the possibility to customize them basing on samples.

For further information about LVT profiles and the other products presented at Domotex 2016, contact us!