Cersaie 2015, the mirror of the new trends for 2016

Cersaie 2015 in figures

The 36th edition of Cersaie, the International Exhibition of Ceramic Tile and Bathroom Furnishings, ended on 2nd October. Long-awaited also this year, with 872 exhibitors including 319 foreign companies and 101,809 visitors, this edition registered a 0.8% increase in the attendance. Important event for the architecture and the interior design world, every year this exhibition reveals the new trends that companies should follow in the future in order to meet the new market needs.

Ceramic has always been the most used material. Versatile and constantly evolving, it can reproduce different effects, from wood to marble, until stone and textiles. This has been possible thanks to digital technology that has decisively revolutionized its use. In this way, ceramic tiles manufacturers have been able to enter the markets of the manufacturers of wood, marble and stone floors, conquering considerable parts of them.

Re-Use Collection of Ceramiche Fioranese

Re-Use Collection of Ceramiche Fioranese

News presented at Cersaie 2015

…this is exactly the main news of Cersaie! This year, there has been an important presence of exhibitors of those sectors where the ceramic penetrated. Wood and alternative materials, such as resins, have consistently made their presence felt, thus highlighting a change of trend in the market.

The news is this sort of mixing up of the market: consumers require more kinds of material, not a single one anymore. The idea of finishing is enlarging, thus breaking the boundaries between sector that, before that, were well distinct. Everything is mixing up because this is what the market is asking today: a varied and moving living environment, not monothematic but multithematic.

One of the most innovative traits seen at Cersaie is the fact that the companies that formerly produced just ceramic tiles, now are extending to other sectors such as wood or stone. A clear example is Bisazza, Italian company located in the Veneto region: in addition to its recent line Cementiles, designed by the interior designer India Madhawi and inspired by the recovery of the traditional coloured concrete tiles, this company has presented its new Wood collection of oak floors.

A further example of this change seen at Cersaie are the designs of Patricia Urquiola, world-renowned designer, firstly charged by Mutina, one of the most famous companies in the ceramic field, with the line Azulej, and then charged by Listone Giordano, leading company in the wood field, with the design of the wood floor Biscuit. This is a clear proof of a more and more accentuated oscillating between two sectors that firstly were completely different and now are melting, thus creating a mixture of aesthetic tastes.

Azulej Collection – Mutina

Azulej Collection – Mutina

Biscuit Wood Floor – Listone Giordano

Biscuit wood floor – Listone Giordano

Another important news, as already underlined, has been the direct opening of the exhibition for wood manufacturers, for example Itlas, Italian company located in Treviso and leader in the manufacture of wood floors and coatings, and Gazzotti, Italian company situated in Bologna and at the forefront of wood flooring. Another important presence has been that of Kerakoll, company of Sassuolo which is at the cutting edge of the production of adhesives, glue and chemicals for construction, and which presented its innovative resins.

Silk-Screen Printing on Wood - ITLAS

Silk-screen printing on wood – ITLAS

Profilpas news presented at Cersaie 2015

Profilpas has also been a driver for innovation! Operating in a vast and diverse market, as every state-of-the-art company, we have been able to keep up with customers’ needs. Consequently, Profilpas has presented at Cersaie 2015 its two innovative lines that have expanded, and somehow mixed, the boundaries of our production: the new line of LED profiles Prolight and the lines of shower drains, Slim Drain and Smart Drain, on which we have been working since some time in order to offer the most efficient solution to our customers.

→ Discover more on our new Prolight line here!

News at Cersaie 2015 - Profilpas Prolight Line

New Prolight line

→ Discover more on our shower drains, Slim Drain and Smart Drain, here!

All these facts are a clear signal of a current market change. Customers’ demand is extending according to new and, in a sense, rediscovered aesthetic tastes. Boundaries are mixing, thus creating exclusive living and contract spaces and, at the same time, companies are also varying their production in order to satisfy every kind of need.

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