Discover and develop a passion for Profilpas products at CERSAIE 2015

Cersaie 2015, the International Exhibition of Ceramic Tile and Bathroom Furnishings

Cersaie 2015 will be held at the Bologna Exhibition Centre from 28th September to 2nd October, open from 9am to 7pm.

Once again this year, Profilpas will take part alongside the most important and significant Italian exhibitors together with leading international exhibitors. We will be at stand 53, inside area 44.

Cersaie 2015 is an event of strategic importance for all companies in the sector. Every year, in fact, it enjoys incredible success and to demonstrate this even further, we would like you to inspect the figures of last year’s event:

With a total of 945 exhibitors (606 Italian and 339 international), 38 different countries were represented. In detail, the exhibitors can be subdivided as:

  • ceramic tiles: 509
  • bathroom furnishings: 277
  • raw materials and equipment for ceramics: 26
  • equipment and materials for the laying and displaying of ceramics: 46
  • publishing and services: 87

Cersaie is an internationally renowned event, attracting the attention of many visitors: in 2014 it welcomed approximately 100,985 (54, 386 Italians and 46,559 international).

Profilpas Stand Cersaie 2014

Profilpas Stand Cersaie 2014

New for Profilpas 2015

Lots of developments again this year from Profilpas, that, in addition to innovating and developing new products in some existing lines, will provide a preview of its new programme dedicated to luminous profiles and profiles for LVT, two highly interesting innovative lines in which Profilpas has invested a great deal of resources.

Prolight is a new line of luminous profiles for direct and indirect lighting. The integration of LED technology within the range of Profilpas profiles allows you to personalise areas of your home with soft light illuminating tiled and natural stone surfaces.

Turn each room into a cosy, well-lit and atmospheric space! Particularly suitable in residential and public spaces, but also in the business, hotel and maritime sectors.

Prolight Luminous Profiles

Profilpas Prolight

Profilpas Prolight Luminous Profiles

Profilpas Prolight

Prolight Luminous Profiles for Stairs

Profilpas Prolight

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Another innovation created by Profilpas is the Profix range which includes a series of expansion joints in order to resolve the problems of floating floors in LVT. Profix is, in fact, a professional system for floating laying of LVT floors, which allows the necessary expansion.

The system consists of a basic profile in natural aluminium and top profiles with different functions:

  • same level junction profiles
  • joining seals for floors of different levels that compensate for thickness differences
  • edging profiles that allow to delineate the LVT floor

The system is characterised by easy installation, reduced thickness of the top profiles, dimensional stability, use on floors of thickness between 4 to 6 mm and availability of various decorations (1 anodised finish and about 14 wood decorations).

Profilpas Profix C4 and Z4 Expansion Joints

Profiles for LVT floors

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Completing the line dedicated to the installation of flush fitting shower trays, Profilpas proposes new sizes with regard to the Slim Drain shower channels in lengths of 100 and 120 cm. In addition it completes its offer with the new sloping panels for an easier and more precise installation with a 2% inclination.

Profilpas Slim Drain and Smart Drain


New seals to hold the glass sheets inserted in the Glass Profile range.

Profilpas Glass Profile

The Profilpas Design line is also enriched with high-end items such as the C Design profiles with 24 kt gold plated Swarovski, innovative products that will be premiered during the Cersaie exhibition.

Profilpas C Design
Profilpas C Design Swarovski

Profilpas C Design Swarovski Gold

In the profiles of the ceramic range, many articles are proposed with the new height h 11 mm in line with the change of the thicknesses of the ceramic floorings.

Profili Profilpas - UK Cromo

UK Profiles

Even in the range of profiles for steps there are new models with minimalist shapes such as IPA and a new line of profiles for stairs called SIR and SAR.

Profiles for Stairs - SAR

Profiles for Stairs SAR

Profiles for Stairs - SIR

Profile for Stairs SIR

In the technical field new gutters with antibacterial treatment and new models in steel with expansion joints are proposed.

The use of profiles in the world of flooring is gradually developing and expanding, not only appearing in showrooms as a practical element but also as a decorative one.

Indeed, the creation of the new showroom concept is the result of an increasingly strong demand from sector operators to have a tool that is able to propose, exhibit and represent the use of these products in a real and complete way, not only to professionals but also to end-users.

Profilpas POSM SolutionsIn the wake of this demand, Profilpas studied a series of modular POSM solutions that are able to better represent the range of products occupying the right space in the store.

Creating a display corner means supporting sales, enhancing and understanding the products, and creating the conditions needed to boost sales. For this reason Profilpas offers the possibility to compose customisable corners according to the needs and the available space with its new display cabinets.

Profilpas Display Cabinets

Profilpas display cabinets 2015

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