Movement joints for indoor floors

Movement joints for indoor floors: the technical functions

The movement joints for indoor floors are tools usually used in the construction industry to solve the matter of thermal expansion of materials.

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Before buying movement joints for indoor floors, you need to choose the right type. This is a step that you cannot ignore since they guarantee the right movement of materials in case of thermal expansion. To select the model that better suits to your needs, you should address to an expert in this field like Profilpas.

Movement joints for indoor floors: Profilpas range

Projoint is the name of the range of Profilpas movement joints for indoor floors. These products support the expansions and contractions of the materials caused by thermal excursions. Projoint NE, in co-extruded PVC, is suitable for the laying with glue and for large areas with pedestrian traffic. It has to be laid in correspondence with the joints on the screed. Projoint NJ is made with the same material and has punched side flanges. Projoint NL and Projoint NF are also in co-extruded PVC.

Movement joints for indoor floors - NTI-45

Movement joints for indoor floors – NTI 45

Projoint NA is another movement joint for indoor floors, in aluminium or brass, with interchangeable insert in elastic vinyl resin. The structure helps to protect the edge of the tile and to withstand high traffic. Projoint NPA, in the same materials as Projoint NA, is 24 mm width. Projoint NI and Projoint NPI are in stainless steel.

Projoint NZA is a movement joint in natural aluminium consisting of two interlocking and sliding profiles and suitable for ceramic floors with intense traffic. Projoint NZS, in aluminium, has high absorption: thanks to the two interlocking parts, it can absorb movements till 5 mm. Moreover, it has untied fins that allow tridimensional movements.

In the end, Projoint NTA/NTI/NTO are movement joints for the laying with glue, with vulcanized EPDM inner section. The metal part easily resists to frequent traffic and, therefore, it is suitable for malls and spaces with frequent loads passages.

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