Minimalist skirting boards: elegant and modern items


Minimalist skirting boards for an essential and modern design

Furniture is the house’s “dress” and, as such, it lives on fashion and trends. Furniture, tables, lighting fixtures and bookcases are the elements that create the room’s style where they are placed; however, the real touch of class is given by details and finishes. Choosing a minimalist skirting board is a declaration of style that gives character to a contemporary house, heading towards a linear and clean design.

Essential, sober, elegant: minimalist style is characterizing many apartments, shops and offices since some years, thanks to its classy and refined lines. This trend is not going to fade: on the contrary, thanks to the union between aesthetic and functionality, today “minimalist” is synonyms of modern design.

Profilpas minimalist skirting boards

Choosing a minimalist skirting board completes the appearance of our home. Profilpas has designed a range of skirting boards that can easily harmonize with the rooms decorated with modern style: this is the result of a long research on quality and of the continuous attention to the aesthetic dimension of products.

M Design is a line of finishing and connection profiles, designed to define ceramic with clear cuts and clean lines. This line has been created to define external corners of ceramic and the connection between floors and walls with a minimalist trait.

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M Design includes two elements of connection between the floor and the wall that are so thin that can be considered real minimalist skirting boards: Metal Line AF and Metal Line AL.

Metal Line AF is an element in anodised or colour-coated aluminium, specifically designed as connection point between same or different floors. It creates an empty space, thus dividing the two levels by creating a particularly refined shadow.

Metal Line AL is a closing element in anodised or colour-coated aluminium: its main role is to define surfaces with a clear and strict line.


Battiscopa Minimal - Metal Line AL

Metal Line AL

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