Maintenance of the parquet floor

The advice to keep the beauty of the parquet floor unchanged over time

A correct maintenance of the parquet floor is not a difficult procedure as it seems to be. Parquet floors and wood floors are often subject to clichés: this material is considered particularly delicate and, therefore, its maintenance seems to be particularly insidious.
Actually, the problems you can find when you talk about the maintenance of the parquet floor are easily resolvable through specific procedures based on the use and the finishing of the floor.

The first rule to follow for the maintenance of the parquet floor is its daily cleaning. You should simply vacuum or sweep it in order to remove the dust without scratching the surface.

The care and the maintenance of the parquet floor also include a correct washing. In this case, you should remember that the wood tends to dilate if in contact with water. Therefore, it is better to use a well-wrung cloth, soaked with a solution made of water and other products suitable for the cleaning of wood.

For light wooden floors, we recommend using a solution of water and bleach to maintain the light colour. Then, you should rinse carefully and quickly: in this way, the beauty of parquet lasts over time.

The maintenance of rough parquet floors is more complicated because they need to be washed with water and to be frequently treated with wax to close the splits on the base. After the washing, you should wipe with a cotton cloth by following the veins of wood so as to polish the surface uniformly.

For waxed parquet floors, you should proceed with wax treatments once a month: through this procedure, this specific product is absorbed by wood thus creating a protective layer on the surface.

Profilpas profiles for wooden floors

For those who have a parquet floor, Profilpas offers a wide range of profiles specifically created for this kind of material. Among these finishing elements there is Prestowood, a line of adhesive profiles for a quick and easy installation for floors of same and different height and for wood stairs already laid. The range also includes Projoint T and Proclassic R, a line of profiles for the protection and the decoration of same-level floors in ceramic, marble, granite, parquet or other kinds of materials.

Maintenance Parquet Floor


Prosystem is an invisible fixing system for the laying of floating wooden and laminate floors that is added to the two professional systems Unisystem and Unisystem Plus. Both systems allow the expansion of floating floors.

With these tips on the maintenance of the parquet floor and with Profilpas products, the wooden floors will not be a problem anymore, on the contrary it will give a further touch of elegance to your house.

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