M Design: the new line of finishing profiles and fittings

M Design is the new line of finishing profiles from Profilpas which perform the function of connecting the join between floor and wall and that are part of the Profilpas Design range.

Profilpas Design is an entire range of products specifically designed to combine functionality and design: listellos of aluminium and steel, designer profiles and skirting boards that allow you to create innovative and modern solutions which are all played on the contrast of materials and colours.

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And within the range Profilpas Design, M Design is the line of finishing profiles designed specifically for ceramics and in particular for the designers who prefer clear cuts, clean lines and minimal solutions. A line of finishing profiles able to best solve the external corners in ceramic and connections between floor and wall.

Among the different products which make up this series is Proangle Design AX, the vertical closure which coordinates with the finishing profiles. Made in anodized or painted aluminium, it solves the problem of the corner with elegance, accentuating and emphasizing the discontinuity between the walls.

Metal Line AF is instead an element of connection between floor and wall: realized in anodized or painted aluminium, it marks the meeting point between the floor and wall coating, whether or not of the same material. This element creates an “empty space” and a striking shade that separates the two levels in a decisive way.

Finally there is Metal Line AL, which is also an element of connection between floor and wall that defines the two surfaces in a sharp and rigorous way. Made from anodized or painted aluminium it is more classical in form but no less impressive.

Connection Between Floor and Wall - M Design

Metal Line AL

The M Design series of finishing profiles and connection between floor and wall fulfills any decorative needs by combining the functionality of the products with a clean modern design.

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