Linear shower drains PP Drain Aqua: an innovative solution

The meeting between design, practicality and hygiene

Well-finished design and maximum functionality: these are the characteristics of the contemporary bathroom. Indeed, this room is no longer a simple service space, but a place where beauty and practicality are fundamental. A bathroom in line with the trends of the moment cannot do without innovative solutions, even as regards the details.

The new range of linear shower drains PP Drain Aqua by Profilpas has been designed exactly for satisfying this need. Thanks to these elements, there is the possibility to create a suggestive relax corner, without any visual and physical barriers, by following the new trends of interior design that favour clean and essential lines and open and bright spaces. All without ever ignoring crucial aspects such as hygiene and ease of installation.

Linear shower drains PP Drain Aqua: elegance first

Linear shower drains PP Drain Aqua

Made of AISI 316 stainless steel and equipped with patented removable siphon in antibacterial ABS, the new linear shower drains are the synthesis of beauty and practicality. Each single element has been studied in detail: Profilpas has designed unique and refined pieces with simple shapes.

The wide selection of covers and finishes allow the shower drains to adapt to any style. From the even-current Classic Cover equipped with frame to the more minimal and linear Flat Cover, from the elegant Design Cover with central drain to Invisible Cover, designed to disappear under the tile, giving an effect of “apparent absence”.

Depending on the type of cover, there is also the possibility to choose among many finishes: from soft touch white to black, passing through chromium-plated steel, gold, graphite and many others.

Efficiency and hygiene are the priority

PP Drain Aqua - Flat Cover

PP Drain Aqua – Flat Cover

These elements guarantee excellent performance even in terms of functionality. The siphon of PP Drain Aqua linear shower drains is made of antibacterial ABS in order to ensure the best hygiene at all times. Furthermore, it is easy to inspect and to remove, so as to simplify ordinary and extraordinary cleaning activities: in this regard, a specific key allows to lift the filter and remove the patented siphon effortlessly.

The shape of this element, together with the same base without welds and sharp edges, has been thought to remove any residue easily. A characteristic that, in addition to facilitate the cleaning, allows to preserve the drain efficiency over time.

Easy-to-install solutions

The linear shower drains PP Drain Aqua have been studied and created to minimize installation time. This is possible thanks to a pre-glued membrane, designed to avoid any seepage, and the supports from 6 to 18 mm that ease the height adjustment of the cover. Finally, the bases in polystyrene foam facilitate the installation and adapt to any substrate. The result? A modern and beautiful bathroom, with little effort!

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