Prolight profiles, new luminous ideas for your space

Lighting Design: Prolight Prolist CLA and Proangle ZQAL

With the spread of lighting design, over the last years, light has become an authentic furnishing element to make the environment more modern and comfortable. Moreover, in addition to paintings, carpets and mirrors, even light is a “strategic” furnishing component to make a small space seem wider. LED light is perfectly suitable for this application: often used to highlight some details of the house or simply to decorate a room, not only does it assure an excellent result, but it also guarantees a good energy saving.
This is the reason why Profilpas offers Prolight, a full line of profiles, skirting boards and listellos with LED light, suitable for every kind of place, public or private, and perfect for creating original and stylish spaces. On completion of the line, Profilpas has designed two new profiles: Prolist CLA and Proangle ZQAL.
Prolight Prolist CLA is a decorative listello in anodised aluminium with a LED strip light. Thanks to a diffuser, it gives a pleasant brightness to wall units, kitchens, bathrooms, glass showcases, stands and so on.

Lighting Design - CLA-8

Prolight Prolist CLA

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Prolight Proangle ZQAL is a profile for external corners in natural aluminium which is provided with a diffuser in different colours (white, light grey, red and yellow). Not only is this product ideal as decorative profile, but also to increase safety in public and private spaces.

Lighting Design - ZQAL-10

Prolight Proangle ZQAL

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