Prolight: the new Profilpas line of light profiles

Prolight: the line of light profiles

Prolight is a new line of light profiles for direct and indirect lighting. The integration of LED technology with Profilpas profiles makes every room a customized and stylish space. The line includes skirting boards, listellos and stair nosing profiles which are suitable both for civil and public places, such as museums and cinemas, and for commercial, hotel and naval sectors. Thanks to these innovative items, with warm or neutral light, every room becomes a bright, comfortable and atmospheric space.

Prolight - Light Profiles

Prolight Prostep and Protect LED stair nosing profiles

Prostep and Protect LED are two lines of anodized aluminium stair nosing profiles which are perfect for the lighting of steps. The former have to be laid exclusively during the assembly of the stairs, while the latter can be affixed to the covering already laid, with glue or screws and dowels.

The stair nosing profile Prostep G/8 LED is made of a base in natural aluminium and a top profile in anodized aluminium. The indirect lighting through LED strips highlights and enhances the steps of a stair or the perimeter of a platform. It can be affixed during the laying of tiles or wood (with a thickness of 10 mm) and it is suitable both for public and residential use.


Prostep G8 LED Stair Nosing Profile

Prostep G/8 LED

A safety element in poorly illuminated spaces is not only the light, which is anyway an essential feature to assure safe passages, but also non-slip materials. For this reason, we have designed the stair nosing profiles Protect 126/L/F and G/9/F which have direct lighting and are provided with a non-slip surface on the tread. The non-slipperiness is certified according to the standard DIN 51131 with the laboratory test called BCRA. Both in anodized aluminium, they are perfect for marine applications (ships, yachts) or in public spaces that are poorly illuminated, such as cinemas and theatres.

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Protect 126LF e G9F Stair Nosing Profile

Protect 126/L/F e G/9/F

Prolight Prolist decorative listellos

Prolight Prolist LED is a line of decorative LED-strip listellos for direct and indirect lighting. They are decorative elements which pass through the walls, vertically or horizontally, giving the possibility to replace the main lighting with a subdued lighting. They are perfect for rooms such as bathrooms and kitchens.

The items LLA/20, LLA/30 are ideal for creating flush-line lighting with coatings, while TLA/10/C1 can be used on ceramic tiles, along skirting boards or to create delicate bright frames around mirrors or ceramic tiles in bathrooms. The last two items are available not only in anodized silver aluminium, but also in bright polished silver aluminium.

Listellos LL A20 – LL A30 – TLA 10C1

Listellos LLA/20 – LLA/30 – TLA/10/C1

Prolight Metal Line 89 LED and Prolight Iceberg skirting boards

Prolight line also includes original skirting boards with bright LED inside. They can easily mark the way even in the darkest hours, thanks to a highly practical system that helps avoid turning on the main lights every time. These solutions are real design details that have been specifically tailored to provide a useful technical feature and, at the same time, to incorporate classy details and high-quality materials into the interior furnishings.

Prolight Metal Line 89 LED is a skirting board in anodized aluminium with LED-strip lighting system. The light is distributed along the entire length of the profile through a diffuser element placed in the front part of the skirting board: in this way, it maximizes the effect of the glossy surfaces and amplifies the movements of those which are irregular or rough, thanks to the reflection of the floor. Regarding the laying, this item has a specific installation system that requires the use of specific adhesives.

Prolight Metal Line 89 LED Light Skirting Boards

Prolight Metal Line 89 LED Skirting Boards

Prolight Iceberg is a skirting board in anodized aluminium characterized by special vertical light points, with a lens and a heat sink, that define the walls thanks to the light beams on the upside. Regarding the laying, this skirting board has a fast and simple installation system that includes a fixing base. In this way, you can place the light point according to your needs, through the delicate junctions.

Prolight Iceberg Collection Light Skirting Boards

Prolight Iceberg Skirting Boards

Not only technology and innovation, but also energy saving

The innovative Prolight line includes a series of optional accessories: the dimmer and the radio frequency remote control to turn on, turn off and dim the light.

However, Prolight also means energy saving: the LED lights last longer than normal light bulbs and they guarantee an energy saving that can reach 90%.

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