New levelling systems for an easier laying

Levelling systems: the new solutions by Profilpas

The laying of a ceramic floor or covering is an activity which requires a special attention and precision. Indeed, during the laying phase, the tiler must consider many aspects such as the conditions of the screed, the choice and the application of the adhesive and, lastly, the very installation of tiles. However, a perfect final result is not only given by the professional ability and the attention of the tiler, but also by the use of specific tools and levelling systems.

Profilpas offers a full range of systems and accessories for guaranteeing a perfect laying of ceramic floors and coverings.  At Cersaie 2017, Profilpas presented Klic Level and Protiler, two new levelling systems specifically designed to ease and accelerate the laying of ceramic tiles, preventing the vertical movement between them during the adhesion phase.

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Klic Level is a screw levelling system for floors and coverings from 3 to 24 mm thickness, particularly suitable for large size tiles. This system is composed of two elements: a tying cylinder provided with a disk for the protection of the surface against scratches and a mechanism for the rapid insertion and expulsion of the disposable screw spacer. This system needs neither tools for the application nor for the removal and, after finishing the laying and once the adhesive is fully fixed, a hit with a rubber hammer in the direction of the joint is enough to break the disposable spacer.

Levelling systems - Klic Level

Klic Level, screw levelling system for floors and coverings

Protiler is a levelling system for ceramic and stone floors and coverings, suitable for thicknesses from 3 to 20 mm and composed of two elements: a wedge and a disposable clip which can be used manually or with adjustable traction pliers. After finishing the laying, a simple rubber hammer is enough to remove the reusable wedge.

Levelling systems - Protiler

Protiler, levelling system for ceramic and stone tiles

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