PP Level Plus, the new levelling system for raised floors

Levelling system for raised floors: Profilpas offers PP Level Plus

Raised floors, also called floating floors, are flooring systems composed of modular elements which are placed detached from the screed thanks to metallic or plastic structures. Suitable for both inside and outside surfaces, these floors are considered a particularly efficient solution not only because they can be installed on existing floors, but also because they allow to create an underlying compartment where placing systems and cables that can be checked and repaired easily and in every moment.

Profilpas also offers solutions for raised floors, in particular the new PP Level Plus, a levelling system provided with a self-levelling head which guarantees a precise compensation of the slope by keeping the support always at 90°. Versatile and easy to install, the adjustable supports are available for heights from 25 to 232 mm and each one has a maximum load of 400 kg. PP Level Plus is ideal for terraces, pool sides and walkways on roof gardens and is perfectly suitable for the installation with Protec CPLV, the perimetral profile for the protection and the finishing of the external borders of raised floors.

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Levelling system for raised floors - PP Level Plus

PP Level Plus – Adjustable supports for heights from 25 to 232 mm

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