Profilpas products and LEED® rating system

What is the LEED® certification and why it is needed?

LEED® – or Leadership in Energy and Environmental Design – is a green building rating system born in the United States thanks to the U.S. Green Building Council (USGBC), a non-profit association founded in 1993 with the aim of promoting and developing a global approach to sustainability. The LEED® standards, developed by the USGBC and also present in Italy thanks to GBC Italia, specify the requirements to create healthy, highly efficient and cost-saving green buildings, from design to maintenance and operation.

The LEED® rating system, aknowledged in 40 countries all over the world, is structured around 7 sections divided into prerequisites and credits:

  • Sustainable sites
  • Water efficiency
  • Energy and atmosphere
  • Materials and resources
  • Indoor environmental quality
  • Innovation and design
  • Awareness and education
LEED Certification - The 7 sections of the LEED rating system

The 7 sections of the LEED rating system

The LEED® certification is issued to the building, not to the single product. However, the products used can contribute to the final score of the building and, for this reason, it is possible to proceed with a documentation verification of the products features, in other words an analysis of the environmental performance.

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Profilpas and the LEED® rating system

LEED Certification - Our GiT Product Badge

Our GiT Product Badge

According to a specific verification carried out by a LEED AP professional, Profilpas products contribute to LEED® certification in the following credits of the section Materials and Resources:

  • MR c 5, Construction and demolition waste management. This credit consider the waste of materials and packaging during the installation stages in the construction site, in particular how much of this waste is diverted away from the landfill and re-introduced in the production cycle.
    The packaging used by Profilpas for all kinds of products are recyclable.
  • MR c 3, Building product disclosure and optimization – sourcing of raw materials. This credit considers the reuse of waste coming from the manufacturing process or materials that would end up in landfills.
    Profilpas profiles and components in aluminium, stainless steel and brass contain recycled parts.
LEED Certification - Profilpas products

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