Large-size slabs: dimensions combine with beauty

An elegant touch thanks to specially-designed profiles

Design has a new trend: using large-size slabs. Whether it is a private house, therefore the living room or the master bathroom, or public spaces such as hotels, shopping malls and offices, this solution always guarantees an excellent result in terms of aesthetics.

To give large-size slabs a greater personality, the profiles must also be studied in detail in order to make them protagonists of the space.

The advantages of large-size slabs

Large-Size Slabs: Dimensions Combines with Beauty | Profilpas

The large-size tiles, therefore not smaller than 60 x 60 cm, are perfect to change the perception of the room, especially if small: indeed, if installed in a narrow space, they contribute to give a feeling of larger space. The colour can also help: a light shade further helps to reach this effect.

This solution is excellent for another reason: the reduction of the joints, that is the space between tiles. Indeed, the joints are more frequent with smaller tiles, thus reducing the continuity of the pattern and making the final result imprecise and incoherent. Large-size slabs limit this effect and, on the contrary, give a feeling of fluency of the pattern.

XL Design: the line of profiles to embellish ceramic coverings

Large-Size Slabs: Dimensions Combines with Beauty | Profilpas

Prolight Metal Line XL Design SKL/2 in colour-coated aluminium concrete white

For a truly refined result, Profilpas has created XL Design line, a perfect solution for those who love the value of details and want to make their home or office unique with large-size slabs.

Among Profilpas solutions:

decorative listellos in different finishes of aluminium and chromium-plated brass, to embellish large-size slabs thanks to their original shapes;
external corner profiles, available in aluminium in a great variety of cement- or metal-effect finishes and in chromium-plated brass, to define the external corners of ceramic coverings in a clear and elegant way;
decorative listellos and skirting boards with LED light, to create elegant plays of light and contrasts on the walls, also thanks to the numerous finishes of aluminium available.

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Large-Size Slabs: Dimensions Combines with Beauty | Profilpas

Proangle D XL Design ZD in colour-coated aluminium metal light

Whethere it is a public or a private space, XL Design profiles adapts to every style and place, thus making it even more personal. The availability of colours and the versatility the different materials allow to create tailor-made solutions of great impact.

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