Joint covers in aluminium

Joint covers in aluminium: a wide range of profiles suitable to the different stresses that floors must bear

Safety is the most important aspect in construction industry, especially for public places such as schools, hospitals, airports and malls. The masonry is particularly subject to mechanical stresses due to thermal expansion or the intense foot traffic. Expansion joints are often necessary to guarantee the integrity and the durability of structures such as walls, floors, ceilings or facades.

In case of expansion or restriction, the elastic joints move together with the screed where they are laid, thus avoiding possible damages. In this case, the joint covers are a practical complementary element. These useful profiles conceal the divisions between the coverings or possible cut imperfections and, at the same time, allow a perfect expansion of the materials.

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Profilpas joint covers in aluminium, a solution for every need

Resistance and versatility are the most important features that joint covers in aluminium must have. Profilpas knows it and has created products in line with the needs of public and private buildings. Procover GJF/40 and GJF/50, for example, are structural aluminium joint covers that can withstand transverse traction or compression movements of buildings of big dimensions.

Joint covers in aluminiumo - GJF40 -

Joint covers in aluminium GJF/40

They are suitable for places with intense foot and wheeled traffic and, therefore, for the passage of cars. Conversely, if two different bearing structures are places together, GJA and GWA models are the best solution: these are flat joint covers in aluminium that are also available in the corner versions. Procover G profiles are used to create continuity on structures with continuous spans: these are joint covers in aluminium, stainless steel or polished brass that can be fixed with adhesive or with screws and dowels. In the last case, the profile is pierced on a side and fixed just on one of the structures, thus letting the free structure slide along the other.

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