Which are the trends for 2018? Baroque red, matt brass and oversize flowers

Interior design trends for 2018

The arrival of the new year is close and the new interior design trends are already evident. Indeed, designers and architects have already dictated the interior design trends for 2018. Which will be the style of your house in a few months? What is certain is that there will be a revival of the trends of the past characterized by a vintage taste – with retro, chic and intellectual furnishings – without forgetting the spaces dedicated to conviviality and warmth.

So, which will be the interior design trends for 2018?  The protagonist will be the red colour. A Baroque, Scandinavian, modern or country red, applied to upholstered furnishings, chairs, finishes, walls or even small accessories or design household appliances.

If 2017 has been the year of “gold rose”, the precious element par excellence for the house of 2018 will be brass. Revisited with a matt touch (more discreet and refined), it will be perfect for accessories and lights, but can be also used on wide surfaces for a great aesthetic impact. The furniture will take inspiration from vintage style, where oversize flowers will make the house a kind of big indoor garden. Even the industrial style – reinvented with a more minimal and chic tone – will be a right choice for 2018. No excess: no more massive use of concrete and iron, green light to rough wood, black metal and matt stainless steel.

Marble, one of the most popular materials of the last seasons, has been confirmed even for 2018 as the real object of desire for interior design. It can be used on big tables, with light or dark shades which can be uniform or characterized by suggestive veining.

Trend color Light profiles

Profilpas is always up-to-date with the latest trends of interior design, thus anticipating and accompanying the new fashion trends.

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Interior design trends for 2018 - Proangle Q ZQVN Trend Color Light

Proangle Q ZQVN Trend Color Light

The same is for the next interior design trends for 2018, for which Profilpas has created Trend Color Light profiles. These are new finishes that remind about nature and the sophisticated shades of gold. Thanks to a special coating, Trend Color Light line adds a value of lightness to the elements and can be easily combined with different accessories, such as the new small electrical household appliances proposed by the most famous Italian companies, from toasters to coffee makers.

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