Installation of skirting boards for concealing cables


The installation of skirting boards for concealing cables in few moves

Skirting boards for concealing cables are a specific kind of skirting board that contain a space designed ad hoc to place cables of computers, televisions or other wiring.

This is definitely a very easy, less invasive and quick solution, but, basically, how should you install skirting boards for concealing cables?

The installation can be easily made in the mode DIY. However, before describing the installation procedure, you should know what is needed to do it starting from a yardstick, a pencil, a carpenter square, a miter saw, an electric screwdriver with specific tool kit and a drill. You should not miss the skirting board, the cables and the socket boxes.

After having prepared all the tools for the installation, you should arrange a drawing of the electrical system by indicating the places for the sockets accurately. Then, you should draw the contour on the wall starting from the nearest one to the point where cables enter into the room.

Now you should cut the skirting boards and fix them with screws and dowels. Once you have completed the whole perimeter, you should place the cables by connecting them with the power and switching modules. After that, you should cover the cable trays with the specific covering.

The installation of Profilpas skirting boards for concealing cables

After having described which are the main steps to install a skirting board for concealing cables, we are going to present Profilpas models.

Two Profilpas models for this kind of usage are Metal Line 97/8 and Metal Line 97/4. The first one, Metal Line 97/8, is a skirting board in aluminium that perfectly defines the junction between the wall and the floor.

Skirting board Metal line 97-8

Skirting board Metal line 97-8

It is specifically designed to insert cables thanks to the use of a tray in PVC that, fixed to the wall with screws and dowels, operates as support for the skirting board. This is recommended for refurbishments, it is easy and quick to install through the only use of supports in natural aluminium fixed to the wall with screws and dowels.

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The second model is Metal Line 97/4 made in aluminium. It allows the housing of cables (telephone, computer, TV etc.).

Skirting board Metal line 97-4

Skirting board Metal line 97/4

It is non-invasive and it perfectly combines with every environment. Thanks to a simple interlocking system composed of spring stainless steel clips fixed to the wall with screws and dowels, it combines the ease of installation with the simplicity of cables maintenance.

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