Ideas for decorating the house

Ideas for decorating the house: the importance of personalizing the living space

Buying a new house or just taking it for rent is a great satisfaction and the more you think of living there for a long time, the bigger is the desire to make it compliant with your needs and, therefore, to customize it. If you wish to enhance it and give it a touch of emotional exclusivity, you should highlight its qualities and, similarly, embellish the weak points as much as possible. For this reason, a good way to customize your house is to evaluate the best ideas for decorating it.

For example, if the ceiling is low, you may paradoxically choose big furniture thus creating a special illusion; on the contrary, if it is high, it is better to opt for a mezzanine or you can paint the ceiling with a darker colour. Conversely, if the rooms are small, it is better to paint the walls with light colours or to embellish them with mirrors that give a greater depth.

Among many solutions for decorating the house, you can start from lighting. This does not mean to choose just chandeliers and spotlights. An interesting solution is Prolight, a line of lighting profiles designed by Profilpas. Indeed, Prolight Prolist LED is a line of LED-light decorative listellos with direct and indirect lighting.

Ideas for decorating the house - Prolight Prolist

Prolight Prolist LED

The models LLA/20 – available in silver anodised aluminium – LLA/30 and TLA/10/C1 – available both in silver anodised aluminium and in silver bright polished aluminium – are suitable to frame mirrors and walls in order to customize and add value to spaces. Prolight Prolist are charming decorative elements that are perfect for places such as bathrooms and kitchens.

Ideas for decorating the house -Prolight Prolist LED

LLA/20 anodised aluminium – LLA/30 anodised aluminium – TLA/10/C1 anodised aluminium

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Lights inspire new ideas for decorating the house

With its range of profiles, Profilpas makes the light a tangible decor tool: thanks to the competent use of advanced technologies, you can find interior design both in household items and in LED lighting sources which allow to adjust the intensity by passing from warm tones to neutral ones. Moreover, in addition to be easy to install, these profiles provide the right luminosity for every application, from relaxing places to working ones.

Thanks to the solutions for decorating the house, you can give your living space a magic but at the same time stylish atmosphere, respecting spaces and enhancing them with harmony and elegance.

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