Hygienic internal corner profiles: necessary for cleaning

Profilpas solutions to protect hygiene

When designing spaces such as hospitals, swimming pools, food industries, kitchens or wellness centres, there is the need to consider the measures to preserve and increase hygiene so as to meet the current regulations.

Each of these spaces must have precise characteristics: indeed, European regulations give instructions in dimensions, positioning of the tools, methods of cleaning and arrangement of the spaces. Great importance is also given to materials – from stainless steel to PVC and aluminium – that must be indicated by construction managers or the local health authority.
In this regard, it is necessary to intervene for increasing hygiene of spaces where possible. Starting from details, such as the corners between the surfaces, where dirt accumulates. This problem can be solved thanks to hygienic internal corner profiles.

A clear example: hygiene requirement in restaurants

Hygienic Internal Corner Profiles: Necessary for Cleaning | Profilpas
The administration of food and drinks, for example, is a very delicate activity: in this regard, the reference HACCP model and the EU Regulation 852/2004 about the hygiene of food products impose strict requirements to protect safety in the different restaurant areas. The regulations define: the average height of the premises, the position of windows and openings, the ventilation of the burners as well as the need to have refrigerators differentiated according to the type of food.

In addition to these instructions, there are precise regulations also for the flooring: indeed, the surface must be smooth, without narrow spaces that are difficult to sanitize. The tonality must not be dark and the material must be easy to clean; moreover, the floor must be inclined towards a manhole with fine links.

A special attention must go to corners. These have to be avoid, even in the tiles: indeed, they could be difficult to sanitize and, therefore, reduce the hygiene levels of the space.

The hygienic internal corner profiles by Profilpas are perfect for this kind of spaces: these are profiles designed to transform the corners into curves that are more practical to clean.

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Hygienic internal corner profiles by Profilpas: many models to choose

Hygienic Internal Corner Profiles: Necessary for Cleaning | Profilpas

Proround B in white PVC

Cerfix@ Proround is a line of internal corner profiles for floors already-laid or to lay. It is suitable for every need, also thanks to the possibility to choose among different materials, such as aluminium, stainless steel and PVC. The profiles connect the floor and the wall and allow to remove the 90-degrees internal corner, thus guaranteeing a high hygienic efficiency.

Among the different available models, Proround B has been designed for the installation on already-laid surfaces thanks to apposite adhesives and, therefore, it is the best solution for refurbishments or the compliance to hygiene regulations. In addition, it includes special accessories for the creation of outside corners, inside corners, junctions and end caps for a linear and homogeneous finishing.

Hygienic Internal Corner Profiles: Necessary for Cleaning | Profilpas

Proround BLAH/ in anti-bacterial white RAL 9003 colour-coated aluminium

Proround B also includes Proround BLAH/ for already-laid surfaces. Its characteristics make it suitable for spaces such as hospitals, food and chemical industries, where special bacteriostatic performances are required. Indeed, Proround BLAH/ is an hygienic internal corner profile in white colour-coated aluminium with antibacterial technology – certified according to the strict internationally recognized test JIS Z 2801:2000 -, in order to guarantee a reduction of the most dangerous bacteria up to 99%.

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