The importance of hygienic connection profiles: all Profilpas models


What are hygienic connection profiles?

Internal corners profiles, also called hygienic connection profiles, are specifically created to meet the current standards of hygienic maintenance (protocol HACCP) that explicitly requires the elimination of sharp corners through the installation of a curvature that allows an easy and efficient cleaning. Therefore, these are profiles designed to make places such as hospitals, food industries, industrial kitchens, swimming pools, spas compliant with the required hygienic standards. According to the kind of environment, the works direction or the local health authority has the discretion to choose a material or another in order to follow the hygienic requisites at best.

The hygienic connection profiles can also be installed in private places for those who would like to keep a high hygienic level also in the house.

Profilpas offers a full range of this kind of profiles, with relative special accessories for corners, junctions and end caps, available in different materials and both for floors already laid and for floors to be laid.

Hygienic connection profiles for floors and walls already laid

Cerfix® Proround B is a connection profile between the floor and the wall, specifically designed for refurbishments or to conform with the current hygienic standards. Proround B is available in stainless steel, PVC and aluminium. Stainless steel is the most recommended material for these applications as it is extremely resistant to chemical and atmospheric agents and, therefore, it is suitable for the installation in hospitals, food and chemical industries.

Hygienic Connection Profiles - Proround B BI/40 in Stainless Steel

Proround B BI/40 in stainless steel

Hygienic Connection Profiles - Proround B BL/50 in White Co-Extruded PVC

Proround B BL/50 in white co-extruded PVC

The real news of this item is the new version in antibacterial colour-coated aluminium that adds the certified antibacterial technology in compliance with the internationally recognized laboratory test Japanese Industrial Standard JIS Z 2801:2000. According to this test, the minimum efficiency required is demonstrated by the bacteria reduction until 97%. Indeed, the bacteriostatic paint applied on our profile allows the decrease of the most dangerous bacteria until 99%, thus preventing from the proliferation of bacteria and assuring a greater safety.

This paint is resistant to bacteria thanks to the presence of silver ions encapsulated in ceramic nano-particles. Indeed, silver is a material that allows to avoid the growth of bacteria, molds, virus, fungus and yeasts. This method is just an additional efficient and useful way since the removal of bacteria is not always possible through simple standard hygienic measures or disinfectants.

Hygienic Connection Profiles - Proround B BLAH/20 in Antibacterial White Colour-Coated Aluminium

Proround B BLAH/20 in antibacterial white colour-coated aluminium

The laying of these profiles is very easy: you just need to be sure that the laying surface is clean and, then, you can fix the profile with adhesive PP/96.

Hygienic connection profiles for floors and walls to be laid

Cerfix® Proround M is a connection profile between the floor and the wall, available in aluminium or stainless steel. Moreover, it is available in the version stainless steel AISI 316 DIN 1.4404 so a more resistant material that is recommended for the installation in areas that are subject to strong chemical stresses and maritime places.

→ Find out more about Profilpas products in stainless steel AISI 316 DIN 1.4404!

Hygienic Connection Profiles - Proround M GA/10 in Silver Anodised Aluminium

Proround M GA/10 in silver anodised aluminium

Hygienic Connection Profiles - Proround M GIN/10 in Stainless Steel

Proround M GIN/10 in stainless steel

Conversely, Cerfix® Proround P is a connection profile in co-extruded PVC. PVC is resistant to shocks, non-toxic, non-flammable and, especially, easy to maintain as it does not requires special attention for cleaning.

Hygienic Connection Profiles - Proround P GP/10 in White Co-Extruded PVC

Proround P GP/10 in white co-extruded PVC

To conclude, Cerfix® Proint are hygienic connection profiles between floors and walls and between walls and worktops. Available in aluminium and PVC, they allow to avoid the use of silicone for the sealing, thus guaranteeing a suitable hygienic level over time and an excellent aesthetic effect.

Hygienic Connection Profiles - Proint PIA/7 in Silver Anodised Aluminium

Proint PIA/7 in silver anodised aluminium

These models are all applicable on floors and walls that have not been laid yet. Moreover, some of them have just one fixing flange in order to connect floors and walls of different level.

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