How to waterproof a terrace: methods and solutions

A membrane for indoor and outdoor spaces

Spring and summer seasons are the right moment to live the outdoor spaces of the house such as the terrace. If well organized and furnished, this place can become a real jewel of the home.

However,  in order to be functional, this space must be checked carefully so as to solve possible structural problems promptly. One of the flaws that could arise more easily is related to the seepage due to rain.

Therefore, many people wonder how to waterproof a terrace adequately. Let’s try to understand together which are the main signs of water seepage, how to facilitate the outflow of rainwater and which are the best solutions for every need.

Terraces at risk of water seepage

How to waterproof a terrace: methods and solutions | Profilpas

First of all, to intervene correctly, there is the need to check the floor of the terrace: the joints could present cracks or visible limestone stains caused by the evaporation of rainwater that has seeped in the flooring. Then, there could be cracks on the surfaces caused by possible detachments of the tiles. In addition to the floor, there could be damages to the perimeter plaster and rust on the railings due to the humidity in the space.

The problems can be caused by an inadequate slope of the surface; movement joints may also be missing; or even the terrace may have been subject to thermal or structural movements: these phenomena affect the entire waterproofing system, thus making a decisive intervention necessary for renovating the beauty and the safety of this space.

Acting step by step to repair the damage

WPstop 3 and WPstop Drain 10

WPstop 3 and WPstop Drain 10

So, how to waterproof a terrace? Before starting the renovation, it would be good to clean the area and check that there aren’t other damages on the surface. For standard installations, the procedures are:

  • demolition of the screed
  • removal of the old waterproofing layer
  • refurbishment

Obviously, the choice of the method depends on the terrace condition; for this reason, just an expert will be able to evaluate which solution is in line with the specific needs.

WPstop3 and WPstop Drain 10: Profilpas solutions

WPstop 3

WPstop 3

Among its products, Profilpas boasts perfect solutions for waterproofing the terrace: these are the membranes WPstop 3 and WPstop Drain 10, excellent for outdoor spaces, such as terraces and balconies, but also bathrooms and problematic surfaces.

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WPstop Drain 10

WPstop Drain 10

For outdoor spaces, WPstop Drain 10 is perfect for draining, thanks to its structure with truncated cones in polyethylene and a filtering permeable fabric on the upper side. Laid on the waterproofing sheath with an adequate slope, it is particularly suitable for large outdoor floors and facilitate the discharge of rainwater that could seep into the surface.

WPstop 3 is a waterproofing membrane that, glued on the screed, protects it against the rainwater seepage. WPstop 3 has the role of separation, compensating for small movements of the underlying structure in relation to the floor. Moreover, its particular section consisting of a network of communicating channels allows its installation on subfloors that are not fully dry, thus accelerating the time of construction.

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