Marble, wood floorings and porcelain tiles: how to wash them?

How do you wash marble?

Today, we’ll be talking about how best to wash delicate floors and how to keep metal and non-metal joints clean by scrubber-dryers for floors.

Delicate flooring requires a lot of care to maintain it: even vacuum cleaning with inadequate equipment could create many problems, not to mention washing floors.

Whether polished or tumbled, marble contains micro-porous materials that should be washed, while making sure not to spread the dirt everywhere. With manual washing, this is often exactly what happens: the emulsion and spreading of dirt within the pores can in the long run create a matte patina and cause the original shine of the surface to disappear. To avoid becoming slaves to using wax as polish, Lindhaus has created its own scrubber-drier, precisely to resolve this type of problem.

Scrubber-Drier for Floors Lindhaus Lindwash 30The flooring scrubber-drier Lindhaus Lindwash 30 uses a soft roller at a high speed which is constantly and evenly dampened by a clean solution. As soon as the machine starts to move forward or backwards, two floor-wiper nozzles perfectly clean the dirty water, leaving the floor deep cleaned, perfectly dry and ready to be used immediately. The initial shine of the floor therefore remains unchanged, and with the addition of a mild scented detergent: Lindhaus Neutrolux, the result is optimal.

How to wash polished porcelain tiles?

Polished porcelain tiles present the same problems as polished marble, but they are more challenging due to the wide joints. For tiles, the Lindhaus machines ensure a perfectly clean result, without needing to use microfiber rollers or other devices to resolve the problems of machines not being suitable for delicate floors.


How to wash wooden flooring?

How to Wash Wooden Floors

Wooden floors should never be washed, or so says the common myth! In fact, with Lindhaus equipment, it is also possible to wash wooden flooring in the exact same way as washing marble and porcelain tiles! To wash it gently simply reduce the pressure of the roller, while if you wish to use only a small amount of water, you can completely control the flooring scrubber-dryer with the easy-to-use handle.

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