How to tile a staircase

How to tile a staircase: the steps to follow

If you are trying to work out how to tile a staircase alone you have come to the right place, because today that’s just what we want to talk about, to come to the aid of those who need a small handbook explaining how to cover a staircase with tiles.

Of all the jobs you can do in a house, tiling a staircase is not the simplest! Tiling a structure of this type is particularly challenging, but just follow some advice to make the entire operation easy. Before undertaking this intervention, it is important to carefully check all the measurements of the elements that make up the staircase and subsequently to pay great attention to the choice of the coating.

So, how do you tile a staircase? The first step is to draw on the wall the measurements of all the steps, in order to have a control parameter before laying the covering. After calculating the rise of each step, you have to assess the size of each tread, by dividing the total length of the staircase by the number of steps.

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The right angles between treads and risers can be checked with a simple square against the wall. It is good to check also the alignment between the various steps and, as you proceed with the work, keep the height of the rise as a reference.
At this point it is necessary to spread the riser in a uniform manner with a glue and fill it with sand and cement, checking the level achieved with a spirit level. After having vacuum cleaned any residues, you can proceed to spread the treads with the adhesive, in this case using a spatula with low teeth.

Now it is time to cover the staircase with the tiles. In the laying of the tread, in order to ensure that the tiles do not break, we should start at the last and the penultimate step, then to the riser, and so on. The tiles can be laid and glued directly on the untreated staircase using special spacers. By following these tips, you will understand that how to tile a staircase is not as difficult as it sounds!

Stair profiles and non-slip strips for stairs

In completing the tiling of the stairs, you may need special tread profiles!

Profilpas has devised different models of tread profiles with the aim not only to ensure safety in the stairwell but also to make the overall structure stronger. The Prostep and Protectlines, In particular, are suitable for structures in ceramic, marble and stone; to meet every need they are made of different materials such as aluminum, brass, wood, stainless steel and pvc. The profiles are also available with a knurled edge or an anti-slip insert. Prostair on the other hand is a useful system for fixing runners.

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Finally Cerfix Prostep LED of the Prolight family, a line of luminous nosing profiles in anodized aluminum with an LED strip.

Luminous Profilpas Profiles - Prolight

Cerfix Prostep LED

Always with security in mind, Profilpas also offers Safety-Walk ™ from 3M, anti-slip strips for stairs and anti-slip rolls, available in two versions.

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Knowing how to tile a staircase is therefore crucial to doing a good job but remember that it takes good manual ability and a certain familiarity with this type of work!

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