Renovate the cellar starting from details

How to renovate the cellar

Having a small cellar in the house is a dream of many wine lovers who wish to dedicate a part of the house to store their favourite wines. However, wine storage is considered optimal just if done inside well-designed spaces with the correct temperature and lighting. Indeed, what is important to create a functional and beautiful place is the detail. Here are some guidelines on how to renovate the cellar.

If you need to redevelop this space, you should consider all the details: first of all, think about the tasting corner with the table, a counter and some armchairs where the predominant material is wood and leather. If the cellar is too large, you can delimit this area with plasterboard walls.

However, when you think about how to renovate the cellar, you should also pay attention to the internal temperature: if it is too high, wine tends to age more rapidly, and if it is too low, there is the risk that wine loses taste. Therefore, there is the need to install an air conditioning or a machine to keep the temperature stable.

Another important aspect is lighting that, as aficionados knows, can affect the storage of red and white wines. For this reason, you should opt for a particularly suffused light with lighting points on walls and shelves.

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How to renovate the cellar with Prolist CLA profiles

How to renovate the cellar - Prolist CLA profiles

Prolist CLA profiles

So, how to renovate the cellar? You just need some right details. For this reason, Profilpas has created a perfect product for this space: Prolist CLA, a line of anodised aluminium profiles with led strip lighting. These elements have been designed to give a pleasant light to wall units, wardrobes, kitchens and bathrooms. So, these profiles are perfect for giving a touch of aesthetic taste to the cellar, thus creating a beautiful and functional space.

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