How to paint parquet flooring

Our advice on DIY parquet floor painting

Parquet is chosen by many for the flooring of some or all of the rooms of the house: comfortable and warm, it gives a cosy atmosphere to the entire home environment.

After some time some parquets need to be painted. Our post today is dedicated to DIY lovers to which we will give some simple tips on how to paint parquet floors!

No fear, DIY painting parquet floors is not as difficult as you might think! The first rule is to make sure the parquet floor is level and that there are no residues of previous treatments: in the latter case, to remove any residue likely to affect the paint, just use a chemical paint stripper, or remove the paint that is already peeling thanks to the use of a spatula. If after stripping pores or flaws are still evident, you can use a specific paste for wood, smoothing the surface with fine grain sandpaper. Wood is a valuable and elegant material, that if treated with a little attention can preserve its characteristics and last over time.

Choosing the suitable type of paint is another key step to decide how to paint the parquet floors. The main options are two: solvent or water. Until a few years ago the first was privileged for its ability to make the surface shiny and resistant, but because of its harmful effects to humans and the environment, today people choose water paint more often . With the latest innovations, moreover, this type of paint can deliver high performance that make it an effective choice, as well as respecting nature.

How to paint parquet floors to make them resistant and shiny

At this point we get to the point: how to paint parquet floors? The painting techniques of parquet floors may be different: from spraying, carried out with a gun that fills the pores and cracks, making the surfaces compact and shiny, to open-pored for which an impregnating agent is used, which forms a protective barrier against atmospheric agents, guaranteeing a greater resistance.

One of the most widely used techniques, especially when you want to DIY paint the parquet floor, is that of painting with a brush, for which you need a brush, a tin of paint, one of thinner and a sheet of sandpaper. Smoothing the surface thoroughly so that it does not form discrepancies and following the grain of the wood with the brush, you can get a shiny and elegant parquet floor as good as new!

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