A dive into the pool in complete safety

How to make the pool safe

Summer doesn’t exist without at least one dive in the pool! Whether it is a public structure or a private property, there is a problem not to neglect: the need to improve safety, especially if there are children nearby. Accidents can happen, but it is better for everyone to prevent them. So here are some tips on how to make the pool safe.

First of all, there is the need to remember that, without a proper attention, the pool can be a risk during all the seasons and even more in the periods when it is not used and nobody supervises it. In this case, it may be a good practice to use a mobile cover that impedes accidental falls.

A less practical, but equally useful, indication on how to make the pool safe is resorting to fences for impeding the access to the unattended pool. With a wire netting or a wooden fence, the only available access is a small gate to be locked. It is essential to remember not to leave supports that allow to climb over the fence.

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How to make the pool safe

One last trick is the application of non-slip systems around the pool. In this regard, Safety-Walk™ by 3M is a line of self-adhesive non-slip coatings.  Composed of abrasive particles aggregated by synthetic resins on dimensionally stable supports, they are suitable for those surfaces that are particularly wet or damp and that are a risk especially when barefoot. For ensuring that the product maintains its efficacy, it is sufficient to check them and clean them regularly.

Among the different tips on how to make the pool safe, the most important one has not been cited: using common sense and ensuring that the pool edge is also equipped with safety accessories, such as water wings and life buoys.

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