The touch of elegance of small decorations

How to make the living room more elegant

The living room is one of the most important domestic spaces. Usually, this is the place where guests are welcomed and where people spend most of their time together with friends and relatives. This room is therefore the business card of the house. Exactly for this reason, it is important to furnish it with care, originality and good taste. However, it is often difficult to start. Here is a valuable vademecum with simple and efficient design ideas on how to make the living room more elegant.

First of all, playing with the colours of the walls can give a real touch of class to the space.  Interior designers suggest alternating neutral tones and bright shades to instill dynamism, lightness and liveliness into the room. Therefore, combining various shades of grey with a green or red tonality could be a winning choice, even if apparently rash. Moreover, taking care of “lighting design” is another strategy to achieve the objective. A good way for making the living room more spacious is creating illuminated recesses or walls to give a feeling of depth to the space. Another excellent solution is having fun with decorations. From carpets to cushions, from decorative objects to curtains, imagination can create small masterpieces.

One of the trendy ideas on how to make the living room more elegant is installing decorative listellos. Available in different materials, these finishes are unique and captivating objects.

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Prolist X Design by Profilpas

How to make the living room more elegant - Prolist X Design

Prolist X Design

Profilpas pays a special attention to modern design trends and to the most sought-after furnishing shapes and offers the decorative listellos Prolist. In particular, the model Prolist X Design, in anodised aluminium and in different colours, allows a wide selection of combinations with the other elements of the room. Choosing to install these objects will give a touch of refinement to the domestic space.

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