A perfect nest even for young children

How to make the house safer for children

A warm, protective and safe place: this is how every house should be, especially if you want to change it into a child-friendly “nest”. When a child arrives and ignites the atmosphere with happiness, the house must be as an embrace where the baby is free to play and crawl in full safety. But how to make the house safer for children? Here are some tips you should keep in mind, especially if you have recently become parents.

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Not everyone knows how to make the house safer for children, especially if there is the need to intervene in different spaces.
What is important is proceeding orderly and carefully, by paying attention to as many details as possible. Some examples? Young children love running and taking the first steps around the house: for this reason it is strongly recommended that carpets are provided with specific protections that prevent from stumbling. The ideal solution is a non-slip mesh to be put under the carpet and which adheres perfectly to the floor, thus avoiding the risk of falling.

Even the corners of the furniture can become a danger for the young children, especially if they are as high as their head. Which is the solution? Eliminating or changing this furniture by opting for those with rounded shapes or covering them with soft fabrics.

Electrical wires are certainly one of the biggest dangers for young children: in these cases, it is better to hide cables or to fasten them to the lamps by using and extra resistant adhesive tape. In the end, if you have a staircase, you should provide it with a small safety barrier on both sides. This is an essential expedient if the child loves climbing.

How to make the house safer for children - IP/40 in soft PVC

IP/40 in soft PVC

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Among the many missions of Profilpas, one is that of guaranteeing not only the maximum quality in every house, but also safety at 360 degrees in order to create a space where harmony and wellness can go at the same pace. In this regard, Procorner P is an edge protection profile to prevent accidents, also suggested for places such as schools, offices, kindergartens and public spaces. In particular, the profile IP/40 is available in a wide selection of colours for every requirement: from white to yellow, from red to blue. This solutions is both aesthetic and functional: indeed, the intense colour allows to highlight the corners of the covering visibly.

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