The importance of a well-lit bathroom mirror

How to light up the bathroom mirror to give the room a unique atmosphere

The mirror is an essential accessory in the bathroom of every home. How could you live without it? Therefore, it is important to understand how to light up the bathroom mirror in the best way, not only to take care of yourself, but above all to give the room a unique feeling. The importance of a workmanlike shave for men or a perfect make-up before going out for an elegant event for ladies is known by everyone, but these are not the only reasons to have a well-lit mirror in the more intimate room of the house.

Indeed, in modern houses, light has become a real interior decoration, thanks to the introduction of new technologies in the sector. In particular, there are many solutions on the market, such as spotlights, which become a fundamental element in the furnishing of the bathroom and, at the same time, allow to perform the small daily actions more easily, such as applying a beauty mask or, simply, combing your hair. In this regard, one of the most important innovations of the last years has undoubtedly been the use of LED lights, which has created further possibilities on how to light up the bathroom mirror, and that’s not all.

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Prolight Prolist LED TLA/10, a new light for your bathroom

To create a suggestive atmosphere in every room of the house, Profilpas has created Prolight line, a full set of listellos, stair nosing profiles and skirting boards with LED technology, with direct and indirect light, ideal for personalizing any space. Moreover, thanks to Prolight Prolist LED TLA/10, a charming decorative listello designed to be placed in the most intimate room, lighting up the bathroom mirror becomes really simple. Indeed, TLA/10 emits a vertical light which gives a new face to your bathroom.

How to light up the bathroom mirror - Prolight Prolist LED TLA/10

Prolight Prolist LED TLA/10

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