How to lay tiles diagonally

How to lay tiles diagonally

Sometimes changing the look of a room is simple: in some cases you just need to renovate tiles, or, alternatively, to rearrange them. Which solution should you adopt to lay tiles without turning to the experts in this field? The interior designers suggest a procedure that is considered the best: the diagonal laying, an elegant and refined laying that amplifies the visual effect of small rooms. That said, the question arises: how to lay tiles diagonally? Today we are going to talk about it: here are the main guidelines to apply if you want to resort to the DIY.

Actually, understanding how to lay tiles diagonally is not such an easy process. We suggest to start the installation from the threshold, by placing a central row which can be considered as a point of reference for all the other rows of tiles. In this way, you can continue horizontally by laying a tile beside the other, up to reach the opposite side of the room. The procedure can be repeated in the same way by both sides of the central row of tiles so as to create a perfectly diagonal surface.

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How to Lay Tiles Diagonally

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How to lay tiles diagonally and finish the job with style

Profilpas has thousands of solutions to complete a diagonal floor tile with a touch of refined design. Thanks to our line of profiles for floors of same height, the floor can acquire more style and character.

The profiles for floors of same height are those profiles specifically created to link two floors of different materials: these finishing elements are a useful tool to connect two different surfaces elegantly.

Learning how to lay tiles diagonally and finishing the procedure with style is not impossible: with a little patience, you will create an enviable floor.

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