How to lay the poolside floor

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Summer season is coming and, for those who would like to build a swimming pool or renovate the existing one, this is the best moment to organize the work and define the project. In addition to the swimming pool, a special attention goes to the floor: indeed, over time, the surface could have damaged because of daily humidity. In this case, it is necessary to understand how to lay the poolside floor in the most functional and efficient way.

Among the possible solutions, there is an alternative to the traditional installation, that allows to save costs, manpower, maintenance and implementation times.

Let’s see together what it is and try to understand the main characteristics and qualities.

Laying the poolside floor with the standard method

A swimming pool is a delicate space because on one hand humidity affects materials conservation and on the other hand a mistake in the laying or the construction might affect the final result.

For laying the poolside floor with the standard method, it is necessary the adhesive, grout and protection primer, together with the main tools, such as trowel, mixer, brushes, drills and angle grinder.

The procedure must be divided in different phases:

  • first of all, it is necessary to create a base of screed or concrete which must be precisely levelled and on which the adhesive must be laid;
  • the second step involves the gluing of the tiles;
  • a third step concerns the creation of the joints, which must follow both aesthetic and functionality: the grout must be chosen according to dimension of the tiles and the width which, in case of the borders, is usually between 10 and 15 mm;
  • at the end, everything must be cleaned with a specific cleanser.

According to the experts of the field, a slope of 2-3% must be maintained for guaranteeing the outflow of rainwater or water used for cleaning, and not to damage the floor.

Precision, time and the necessary tools make the standard method a complex process. Indeed, to guarantee the best functionality, there must not be mistakes.

How to lay the poolside floor with Profilpas raised floor supports

To lay the poolside floor in a simple, rapid and efficient way, Profilpas offers the outdoor raised floor supports PP Level DUO.

How to Lay the Poolside Floor | Profilpas

PP Level DUO

Thanks to this product, the poolside floor can be laid without demolitions or other particular tools. The adjustable supports PP Level DUO allow to install the tiles at the desired height, also allowing pipes and systems to slide below the surface without obstacles.

How to Lay the Poolside Floor | Profilpas

Adjustable support PP Level DUO

The advantages are many: first of all, the support can be assembled in maximum 5 seconds and this allows to lay the whole floor in no time.

Moreover, the supports:

  • have a solid and blunt base to impede the incision of the waterproofing membrane;
  • guarantee the acoustic insulation thanks to the noise-proof rubber integrated with the head;
  • have a solid support base to guarantee a better distribution of the weight;
  • allow to adjust the slope easily thanks to the adjustment key from the top;
  • resist to temperatures between -40° C and +80° C;
  • have pre-cut tabs for 2, 3 or 4 mm joints;
  • have a system of draining holes and canalization to impede the stagnation of water..

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A further advantage is the possibility to inspect the underlying waterproofing easily and to intervene promptly in case of seepages: indeed, the tiles can be removed with great facility without demolitions.

How to Lay the Poolside Floor | Profilpas

PP Level DUO

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