DIY floor installation: how to lay tiles?

How to lay the floor tiles

Changing the floor tiles is an option that must be considered carefully, both if it is a necessary operation to restore the safety in your house and if it is a mere aesthetic improvement. Times, materials and related costs should be evaluated considering the needs and the available budget. Moreover, those who have a particular familiarity with DIY can lay the tiles by themselves. But how to lay the floor tiles?

How to lay the floor tiles in few and simple steps

The first step is the purchase of materials: first of all, it is important to calculate the square meters to be covered and this is a quite simple phase. Just to be sure, it is better to buy a larger number of tiles so as to have a spare quantity in case of necessity. After that, you can proceed with the removal of the old floor, the washing of the surface and the levelling of the substrate.

Once you have done these preparatory operations, how to lay the floor tiles? Just start from a corner (after having verified that is 90 degrees), put a layer of adhesive on about a square meter surface and, in the end, lay the tiles by using the specific spacers.

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How to lay the floor tiles - Prodecor


How to lay the floor tiles: the details by Profilpas

In the end, besides learning how to lay the floor tiles, you should also take care of the small details. In this regard, Profilpas has designed Prodecor, a line of profiles for the finishing, edging and protection of floors of same height in ceramic, marble, granite, wood or other materials. Prodecor is the ideal solution as separation joint between floors of different materials, edging profile for the outline of doormats and protection for platforms and/or ceramic steps. The visible thickness of the separation element makes Prodecor an elegant decorative element. Therefore, Prodecor is a versatile line suitable for all the types of laying.

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