How to lay resin flooring


How to lay resin flooring: short guide

Resin, for its highly resistant properties, is a material increasingly used for flooring. But how do you lay resin flooring yourself?

The steps to follow are simple and clear. The good news is that you can lay the resin even over existing flooring, the main thing is to be sure that there are no cracks or differences in the level of the floor that you are going to work on. Once you have checked and resolved any small problems, laying the resin flooring will in reality be fairly fast: you start by pouring the liquid resin, supported by the floor panels. The surface is levelled using a spatula paying careful attention to make sure that the resulting flooring is smooth and uniform.

After the flooring has been laid, you need to wait at least 48 hours, until the material is completely dry. There is a wide variety of resin available in the shop, which makes this product particularly suitable for those who want to add their own personality to their rooms using particular colours or effects. Therefore laying resin flooring is not so complicated after all, and neither is any subsequent maintenance: the resin can be treated in the same way as any other flooring and does not require specific products. For this reason it is the ideal solution for those who do not have a lot of time (and willpower!) to dedicate to household maintenance.

To Lay Resin Flooring

Profiles suitable for resin flooring

Once you have understood how to lay resin flooring, it may be useful to also understand which profiles are suitable for this type of flooring, that is simple to apply but has particular characteristics that need to be taken into account.

Resin requires only a minimal thickness (even a layer 0.5 mm thick is sufficient for the flooring), in fact, in addition to being easily laid over previous layers, it does not create problems for opening/closing doors and gates.

Profilpas has created 4 profile designs suitable even for use on resin flooring: the suitable profiles are AI/3, AI/4 and AI/5 in steel or ZBG/.

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