How to lay a PVC skirting board

How to lay a PVC skirting board to decorate the house

Each element of the house has its own value and helps to make the environment pleasant, comfortable and functional. For example, the skirting board gives the house an aesthetically and technically perfect profile, thus finishing the lower part of the walls in an elegant and, at the same time, practical way. In this article we will see, in particular, how to lay a PVC skirting board.

The skirting boards are usually chosen according to the floor on which they are applied, as they always give the impression of being an extension of the floor on the wall. Therefore, people usually choose elements of the same colour and material of the floor: if the floor is made of wood, the skirting board will be also made of wood, and so on. However, in addition to the aesthetic aspect, we have to consider the technical features. For example, the PVC elements are particularly resistant to shock or damage.

How to Lay a Pvc Skirting Board - Pvc Line 8600

Pvc Line 8600

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The steps on how to lay a PVC skirting board are not so complicated, indeed they are also suitable for DIY. The first thing to do is to carefully take all the measures of the room, so that you buy the right amount of material. First of all, you should indicate the perimeter measures on the skirting board. The excess must be cut by being careful to respect the size; the wall must be smooth and perfectly plastered, otherwise the items do not fasten to it. After that, you may proceed with the laying of the skirting board: you should put two strips of glue on the wall and on the skirting board and, then, you should lay the PVC element on the wall with delicacy and precision by using a spatula or a spacer.

How to Lay a Pvc Skirting Board - Pvc Line 8603

Pvc Line 8603

How to lay a PVC skirting board designed by Profilpas

By following this guide on how to lay a PVC skirting board, you can get a surprising result, which will be still more effective if you use Profilpas PVC Line skirting boards: this is a line of PVC skirting boards designed to satisfy every technical requirement and colour combination. Suitable for both the professional and the DIY field, these items can also be customized such as 8605 and 8608 models.

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