Parquet floor: simple DIY laying for a classy room

How to install parquet over an existing flooring

A house with a parquet floor is a timeless house: indeed, wood is a material that never goes out of fashion and gives an elegant and refined look to the space, by combining with the furniture perfectly. However, many people sometimes prefer to maintain the existing floor and to install the new covering on it, especially in refurbishments works. In this case, you should intervene with caution and with ad hoc techniques and procedures. So, how to install parquet over an existing floor?

First of all, you have to check the floor status: it must be well fixed to the screed and without flaws (hollows or disconnections). Moreover, it must be made of materials such as ceramic tiles, marble or granite, since surfaces such as carpet, PVC and linoleum are not suitable for this kind of application and must be removed.

Among the different options, the floating laying is the easiest solution to solve the problem of how to install parquet over an existing floor and is particularly suitable for DIY installations: first of all, the underlying surface must be covered with a waterproofing layer that allows a perfect contact between the parquet and the laying surface and, in the meantime, impedes the passage of moisture and the propagation of the noises. Then you proceed with the laying of the boards that fit together thanks to a male/female combination.

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Profilpas profiles for parquet floors

How to Install Parquet over an Existing Floor - Unisystem Plus C/10

The model C/10 of the line Unisystem Plus

Profilpas offers the line Unisystem Plus for a perfect floating laying: a full range of solutions suitable for this purpose.

The model Z/ is a junction profile for floors of same height that allows the expansion of wood or laminate floating floors with thicknesses from 6,5 to 22,6 mm; the same result is also guaranteed by the model C/, a connection profile for floors of different heights. For the perimeter of floors, you can choose between the edging profiles S/9, S/15 and P/1.

Profilpas also offers the skirting board PVC Line 8608, in foam PVC, covered with PDS film and available in 35 decors. The installation is easy: it can be fixed to the wall with adhesive, nail or specific fixing clip. Furthermore, it is resistant to water, shocks, wear (certified AC3), UV rays and the products usually used for cleaning floors and coverings.

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