Industrial syle, attention to colours and materials

How to furnish the house with industrial style

From the overseas lofts of the Fifties to the modern-day trendy furniture, the industrial style has brilliantly passed the test of time, by crossing decades and continents, thus gaining a leading role among interior design lovers. Houses with materials and structures in view, without hiding anything or almost, are the dream of many fans of beauty: so, how to furnish the house with industrial style?

This kind of design is inspired by the old warehouses and factories of the past with their vintage suggestions and its philosophy obeys just one rule: it is forbidden to hide those things that would be hidden in a more traditional house. Therefore, beams, bricks and tubes must be visible, thus highlighting those elements that are considered imperfections.

Understanding how to furnish the house with industrial style also means choosing the right materials and colours for this kind of design. Steel and wood are perfect especially for the kitchen, while grey is essential for sofas and bedrooms. Other indispensable colours are beige, white and black.

Lastly, pay attention to lighting which is an important element for “unburdening” this kind of house. As for the rest of the furniture, secondhand objects and accessories can be used by be careful not to hide imperfections.

How to furnish the house with industral style: the skirting boards Metal Line 89

How to furnish the house with industrial style - Metal Line 89/4

Metal Line 89/4 in silver anodised aluminium

However, understanding how to furnish the house with industrial style also means giving the right importance to details. Indeed, this kind of design is underlined by the line Metal Line 89 created by Profilpas: a model of skirting boards in aluminium and with square shape. Fixed to the wall with adhesive or dowels, they have an important decorative function also thanks to the wide selection of finishes: from silver anodised to matt white, ancient grey and rust colour-coated aluminium.  All tonalities that are perfect for industrial style.

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