When nature becomes design

How to furnish the country house with a modern chic style

The country house has always been synonym of warmth and harmony with the environment. For this reason, the choice of the furniture must focus on a “rustic” style, where nature is the protagonist in each detail. However, according to the latest trends of interior design, giving the rural house a more modern touch by adding refined elements is not a strange idea anymore. Let’s see how to furnish the country house with a modern chic style.

So, how to furnish the country house with a modern chic style? There are many ideas and all of them direct towards one direction: creating a unique and elegant space through the use of contemporary elements combined with classical and rustic ones.

First of all, you should consider natural and innovative materials, thus putting together classical and current accessories so that to create the right contrast between styles. Therefore, the first important thing to do is choosing the right materials in order to create a refined and, at the same time, warm atmosphere. The perfect combination is the union of wood and stone. The former is a perfect background for the latter which can be used in different forms, from walls to floors and tops. Everything is lightened by the installation of wide and luminous glass windows which give a great effect of freshness and freedom to each space.

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One of the most used stones is granite which remains shiny over time thanks to its impermeability and the easiness of sanding. It is usually used for the creation of kitchen tops and non-slip floors, taking advantage of the great variety of colours which go from black to pink. Another option is sandstone which is suitable for the creation of high-quality coverings thanks to its “blond” colour.

Everything is completed by a vintage furniture characterized by neutral tones and essential forms, while the fabrics must be natural and, at the same time, precious.

How to furnish the country house with a modern chic style - Proangle Q ZQVN and Proangle ZV

Proangle Q ZQVN in stone colour-coated aluminium and Proangle ZV in beige colour-coated aluminium

Trend Color Stone by Profilpas

Each element is a continuous source of inspiration for Profilpas, always inclined to create design details with a timeless style and modernity. For this reason, we have decided to underline the beauty of country houses with the line of profiles Trend Color Stone. These are new finishes with neutral but, at the same time, warm and soft tones, which reproduce the heterogeneity of stone thanks to a rough texture pleasing to the touch. The perfect solution for a country house with a modern chic style.

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