The tricks to make home original with taste

Furnishing home in an original way: trendy ideas

If you have a great imagination and are not afraid to dare to get amazing effects, you are on the right track to answer the question: how to furnish home in an original way?

The style and personality of a house are the faithful mirror of the owner’s tastes.  The arrangement of the furniture, objects and accessories, the choice of materials and colours are the visiting card of one or more creative inclinations, which contribute to make a house not a whichever corner of the world, but a lair and a refuge.

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How to furnish home in an original way is often a matter of customized details, rather than a precise style of furniture. This means that everyone can transform the house in the space that most reflects the own tastes with a minimum of creativity and effort. For example, a precious suggestion concerns the choice of chairs. Using the same model and colour has gone out of fashion: the trend of the moment is the mix and match, which combines vintage design chairs and contemporary pieces, ensuring a truly original effect. For those who are good at do-it-yourself, it will be fun to colour the furnishings in the favourite shades: pastel shades for a shabby chic effect or more decisive nuances for boho chic lovers.

The explosion of colours also invades the kitchen: the accessories have to be colourful to better enhance the worktop and give unique dynamism and energy to this space. The final touch to make the kitchen original is the Smeg vintage fridge, a piece that, not surprisingly, has made the history of design.

Furnishing home in an original way by using Profilpas solutions

How to furnish home in an original way

However, the real trick that reveals how to furnish home in an original way is amazing: it involves the creation of a customized skirting board which reproduces any wood or fantasy decor. This is possible thanks to Profilpas Digital System PDS, the innovative exclusive digital printing system created by Profilpas that allows endless customization possibilities and allows you to create profiles or skirting boards that are completely identical to your floor. Customizing a profile is extremely simple and the choice of combinations is really vast: the catalogue has more than 250 decors.

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