The right furniture for the room that touches the sky

How to furnish an attic room

Pitched roofs, exposed beams, dormers and skylights: these are the details that makes the atmosphere of the attic room unique. In the common imagination, its romantic aspect is often associated to Parisian roofs or any other view of an European city. This is a particularly suggestive space: for this reason, the importance of how to furnish an attic room should not be underestimated.

For interior designers it is a creative challenge, but for those who rely on DIY and on their own imagination it is not so easy to understand how to furnish an attic room by taking advantage of every single space. The first difficulty is the roof slope which limits the choice of the furniture and the arrangement of the single furnishing elements.

For a functional space, there is the need to choose the suitable furniture with tailor-made wardrobes and partitions which must be set under the slope of the attic room.

Moreover, which colours should be chosen for the surfaces? Since the roof is clearly visible, we suggest to opt for light tones for giving more light to the space. However, you have to pay attention: the choice of two different nuances creates an optic effect where the room seems to be shorter and smaller.

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Furthermore, the roof windows or the classic skylights are perfect to illuminate the whole space with delicate softness. Even ad hoc big windows or dormers – which allow to create a vertical window and to enlarge the space of the attic room – are good ideas. A really chic solution is installing a ground glass window on the floor: this is a trick to give more light both to the lower floor and to the room.

In the attic room, even LED spotlights are functional elements aimed to illuminate the space. As an alternative, the bedside lamps donate a suffused and intimate light.

The skirting boards Metal Line 89 LED by Profilpas

How to furnish an attic room - Metal Line 89/6L in silver anodised aluminium

Metal Line 89/6L in silver anodised aluminium

Therefore, how to furnish an attic room with a touch of refined design and with particular attention to the matter of lighting? By choosing Profilpas skirting board Metal Line 89 Led in anodised aluminium with LED strip lighting system. Light is distributed along the whole length of the profile through a diffuser. Moreover, by inserting an optional dimmer, you can adjust light intensity to decorate the room or to create a pleasant night courtesy light.

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