The essential is more important than presence

How to furnish a minimalist style home

Absence is the watchword for minimalist design, where there is not mess and everything is exactly where must be. Simplicity of shapes, purity and rationality characterize the architecture of spaces where useless things give space to essential ones. But how to furnish a minimalist style home? The concept that absence is more important than presence is the starting point.

Interior designers explain how to furnish a minimalist style home so as to prefer quality to quantity. First of all, total white is the predominant colour in the space and it is interrupted just by the neutral colour of the chairs and by sober green plants. Even lighting is minimalist, thus increasing elegance further. As far as materials are concerned, marble, a luxurious material by nature, can donate elegance and classy effects to minimalist spaces by keeping the purity of lines. In particular, it can be used in the bathroom or can be replaced by using porcelain stoneware tiles which reproduce the veins of this precious stone: a cheap and beautiful solution for a chic minimalist style. Modernity and style even in the kitchen: each appliance is perfectly integrated into the furniture, the drawers for the utensils are perfectly hidden in the kitchen island and are almost difficult to notice. The sleeping area is characterized by spacious walk-in wardrobes ; everything is arranged by keeping a minimalist and extremely clean style, starting from the interior design. The furniture is simple and balanced with the insertion of a low bed highlighted by a light colour carpet and a small reading area with two little armchairs and a small wooden table.

How to furnish a minimalist style home - Proangle AX M Design

Proangle AX M Design

M Design line by Profilpas

Profilpas has created M Design line in order to complete the minimalist furniture with a touch of style. This is a line of finishing and connection profiles designed to define the ceramic coverings with sharp cuts and clean lines, dedicated to designers who love finishing the external corners and the connections between floors and coverings in a minimalist way.

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