How to design a terrace for your house

How to design a terrace

There are many people who cannot give up the pleasure of being outdoors, maybe by organizing a dinner with friends, taking advantage of the hot summer temperatures. However, for logistical reasons, you cannot always count on a luxuriant garden and, therefore, you have to find alternative solutions. Many people choose to build a comfortable terrace and, in these cases, it is important to know well how to design a terrace in order to create a beautiful and functional space at the same time.

First of all, you should choose the style you want to give to this place – classic, elegant or rustic -, not necessarily in combination with the rest of the house.  Another important variable you should consider is the floor slope and the exposure to the sun. Regarding the latter aspect, the placement of covers, pergolas, potted trees and all the objects that create shade should be as strategic as possible, considering that the sun moves during the day. Other necessary elements for this place are definitely the railings and possible connections to the access points: steps, doors and windows. The last phase concerns a possible connection to light, water and gas for the installation of barbecues, kitchenettes, tubs or just some lights.

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How to design a terrace - Protec CPGV/55/10

Protec CPGV/55/10 ancient grey colour-coated aluminium

How to design a terrace: Profilpas solutions

When you study how to design a terrace in the tiniest details, you should also consider the stagnation of rainwater: moisture and seepages may become real problems over time, not only for the aesthetic appearance but also for the structure. For this reason, Profilpas has created the line of profiles for balconies and terraces Cerfix® Protec, specifically designed to protect terraces and balconies. These elements combine functionality with the attention to details and to aesthetic appearance.

Protec CPGV in particular allows the right outflow of rainwater from the tiled surfaces thanks to its distinctive structure, while the presence of holes guarantees a further drainage of the water that seeps under the tiles. Therefore, these elements are the perfect solution for the drainage, the problems related to frost and thaw and the unaesthetic efflorescence that appear on the space between tiles.

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