The charm of greenery in the house

How to decorate with plants

Over the last years, having a “green” home has become a real trend of interior design. Not only is it a passion for those who have a green thumb, but also a real way to furnish the interiors and give the rooms a fresher, comfortable and modern air. So how to decorate with plants?

First of all it is important to understand which are the best plant species for the apartments. The Sansiveria or the Monstera deliciosa, for example, are perfect for staying inside the house, require a few simple treatments and have a great aesthetic effect. The same is for all succulent plants, which must be exposed to the sun.

There is space also for trees, which can be enriched with stones of different shades and types. Among these, there is the ficus, which does not require much lighting and must be irrigated only when the first centimetre of soil is dry.

And why not decorate the bathroom with a touch of green? The orchid, for example, loves moisture and light, and is therefore perfect to be placed near the window of this room. In short, there are many solutions for those who love living spaces where green is the protagonist. But before wondering how to decorate with plants, it is good to design an ad hoc space for them.

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Trend Color Light, the profiles inspired by nature

How to decorate with plants - ZQVN/10 zafferano

ZQVN/10 zafferano

In this regard, Profilpas has designed a whole range of profiles that recall the warm tones and sophisticated shades of gold, perfect for those who want to create a modern and comfortable atmosphere in the house, where plants are an integral part of the furnishings. Trend Color Light line, for example, is composed of profiles that complete and embellish the ceramic coverings, recalling the colours of nature, such as pearl, ecru, olive, saffron, khaki, peach, mahogany, sepia, bistro and slate.

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